Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Buy Four... get Three free?!

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and while under the influence of heavy pain medication thought that it would be appropriate to blog. Yesterday I lost seven teeth. I had 5 impacted wisdom teeth and 2 twelve year old molars removed. As I see it, that tooth fairy better pay up soon.
I am sure I have some great stories from when I was high on medication, but you will have to ask my mother for further details. My dear friend Franklynn came to visit me today, but I fell asleep while he was talking:( poor guy. But I am thankful for people who have remembered me and I will be so glad when I feel better so that I can take care of other people again.
So in the meanwhile, I am going to try to recover and you better have a great Christmas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Dishwasher Declaration

I am in college, and consequently live with people who don't load the dishwasher like Momma used to. Today is cleaning judgement day in humble S202, yes we have our quarterly cleaning check at 4 pm. Now, I am a clean person, like cleaning is a hobby of mine. I am so weird, I delight in gleaming surfaces and lemony scents. So while this is like Christmas coming early for me, I realize that this is not the case for everyone else in my life. As I was unloading the Dishwasher, I realized that I would love to have a Dishwasher Declaration neatly posted above my favorite sanitation appliance.

At risk of sounding like Marney click here(you should totally read that by the way... HILARIOUS)

I want to write a short list of rules regarding dish etiquette that we all should follow. Am I slightly insane? Yes, more than just a little.

1) ALWAYS rinse off your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
2) Tomato Sauce is the enemy, scrub until it is gone.
3) Baked-on stuff will not come off, but hooray for wishful thinking.
4) Orange Juice, Hot Chocolate, Dried Milk, and Sticky Soda residue also will not come off, if not properly rinsed.
5) Utensils should be placed in the basket eating side down, if your name is Mr. Fork or Mr. Spoon. If you are in anyway related to the Knife family, you should be placed eating/cutting side up, as to not dull the blade or harm the fragile plastic basket.
6) Dishwashers are mainly for sanitation purposes.

Okay that is my official statement regarding dishwasher usage. I am so glad I got that off my chest.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stalling continued.

Today I found a website that made fun of the names typically found in Utah. There were really nice names like Brighamina and LaVar. Imagine my surprise when I found MY name, in the exact spelling. I had no idea that I had a typical Utah sounding name. This is all sorts of awesome, seeing as how I found my mother's, grandmother's, and my cousin's names on that list too(Randolyn, LaDean, and Korin). LaDean is also my sister's middle name, wow we really are a big happy Utah family. I am so glad that I do not share that peculiar honor with just strangers. Go see if your name is on it!

As I am stalling from studying for finals, I thought it would be a nice treat to share the many things that I have found on the web. I found a website that has recipes inspired by Harry Potter cuisine This one was actually WAY cool, and I hope to one day make pumpkin juice.

While websurfing for modest clothing, I found a great site that comes complete with a no-frump promise:
Clearly, my second day of stalling has been fruitful and entertaining.

Oh! one last thing. I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the first time in years today. It made me smile til me cheeks hurt.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am not in top form today. I am stalling the inevitable of studying for tests. I have to take a science test today, and when I woke up this morning I planned to take it at noon. And then I was going to walk up to campus at noon, and take the test at two. Then I had a Portuguese test review postponed until later this evening, so I was going to take my test at four. We'll see.

Now my stalling comes in the form of a blog. Hmmm... where did my will power go?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009

Today was a great day. It snowed! It is Sunday. I got to spend time with great people. I am listening to my roommate's extensive Josh Groban collection. I don't know how things could be much better. Sunday is my favorite day of the week because it is most often a time to focus on other people. There aren't many of the worldly distractions that prevail the other six days of the week, and the simple silence of slowing down can be savored. (I really love alliteration)
Today is the first day that has hit me as a Christmas season day. Perhaps it is the lights shining from other windows, or perhaps it was the first official snowfall. It felt like Christmas today because of the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. I love Christmas, because it makes strangers more Christlike. Even if they just call it the 'spirit of the season', it is the true nature of Christ that inspires people to care for one another. That is what I love about Christmas, caring for others when it doesn't seem weird.
This is my last week of classes for the Fall 2009 semester. I can't even believe how fast it has gone by. Two bouts of illness, countless papers, and five batches of brownies later; I feel old! There have been highs and lows, but I feel perfectly comfortable in saying that this 18 credit semester had aged me:) AND... I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Today I realized that I have 501 friends on Facebook. I have been looking forward to the day that I had 500 facebook friends for almost three years now. Wow. I must be popular. Or are some of those 'pity friends'? Nah, I am just popular. 500 is just a GREAT number. Think about it. 500 dollars. 500 pairs of shoes (maybe just me). Here is a list of things that I would 500 of:

chapstick tubes. (I always lose those!)
bagels. (Not all at once, mind you; the mold potential is horrifying.)
post-it notes.
framed pictures.
pairs of nylons.
Christmas lights.
facebook friends.

Thank you for being my friend, whether it be in the flesh or via technology. One of my items has been checked off the list. Today, as I was counting my blessings, naming them one by one :), many faces flashed before my eyes as I was thinking of the goodness of the Lord. Really, I can now say that facebook has given me five hundred and one blessings. And really really, I can say that my friends have given me countless blessings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh it is Wonderful to Me.

I love the holidays. I feel that it is very appropriate that 1/6 of my year (yes, my holiday season starts November 1st) is spent dwelling upon all of the things that bring Christmas cheer. Oh and Thanksgiving merriment as well. There are just so many wonderful things that are unique to the months turning into winter. In the spirit of my beloved holidays, I would so dearly love to mention some of the things I am thankful for.

Cleopatra Voldemort Smith
My darling Cleo - facebook friend, loyal companion and trusted family cat since 1999. The most hateful creature I have ever had the pleasure to meet, I am absolutely crazy about this fuzzy wuzzy beebo. Cleo bites everyone, growls when you get near her, and steps in your peanut butter frosting while your cookies are cooling down. She hisses at nice people and sits on your clean piles of laundry. She never purrs, showing signs of contentment is less enjoyable than showing sings of contempt. Her fur is so soft, but that doesn't mean that anyone is allowed to touch it. Cleo loves to eat plastic ribbons, and shiny gifts are often unwelcome because she will eat them. I am thankful for Cleo because she bites me less than she would bite you. She doesn't hiss at me until I have held her for 30 seconds. She sits on my laundry true enough, but she is so cute I am still thankful for her. For the 10 years of antics and tail swats, thank you Cleo for being my only family member who hasn't gotten married and left me.

Dear Clorox and Lysol, I don't know how to choose between you. But know this, I am thankful for clean, streak free surfaces that you both provide. I am thankful for the lemony fresh atmosphere, and most of all I am thankful for the knowledge that raw meat germs will not get me.

Neil Diamond
I am listening to the radio right now, and Neil Diamond is singing a nice Christmas song. You have brought so much to us. Neil, if I wasn't already in America, I would come because of your song. Thank you for your spunk. It isn't everyday that you see a 60 year old man with a diamond stud earring. Unless you are Harrison Ford. I am thankful for him too.

My roommates
You make me cry. You make me laugh. You make me want to come home to our apartment everyday. And you let me make you guys sit on a couch to take a Christmas picture. That is how I know you care about me. I am thankful for Laiken, Heidi and Johannah because they teach me. They teach me love, they teach me patience and they teach me how to better serve others. I am thankful that I don't live alone. Thank you for taking that nice picture with me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Five things and potential Bronchitis

I read this on a blog and thought it was simply fabulous. And I'm bored. Here are some nice lists about 5 things that I was so glad to write about. Especially the one about things I don't like. Awesome, I love listing things I hate.

Five Things I Don't Leave the House Without:
1. Keys
2. Backpack
3. Shoes
4. A Water bottle
5. Cell Phone!

Five Cartoons I Watched When I Was Younger:
1. Hey Arnold
2. Doug
3. Spongebob Squarepants (who am I kidding? I still watch)
4. Old Mickey Mouse and friends stuff
5. Recess, man that was a good one.

Five Things That Terrify Me:
1. SNAKES, like this should encompass all 5 spaces
2. My family being hurt
3. Haunted Houses/ creepy horror movies
4. Failure
5. Having nobody that needs me.

Five Things I Hate/Dislike That Everyone Else Seems To Like:
1. The Office
2. The Lord of the Rings Movies
3. Really furry Boots
4. Egg Nog
5. Miley Cyrus

Five Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Have kids
2. Go on a vacation simply to ride extreme roller coasters.
3. Make a quilt all by myself
4. Be in front of 500 people and not be nervous.
5. Write a wildly popular book.

As to the other item of discussion, I have a cold. This isn't like last time I had a cold where I was a spewing pussball for ten days. No, this is the kind where I can't breathe and I cough pathetically and I sound like a man. Yup, I think I'm going to have bronchitis. Bleh. Wasn't I just sick?!

On a happier note, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Hurrah for Israel! School is good. I'm going to live and I'm going to have pie. It's all good in the hood:)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ponder anew, what the Almighty can do.

In the past week or so, I have found myself in a more urgent need to seek a greater amount of spiritual fulfillment. Ta-dah! I went to Stake Conference today. When you ask for good things, truly Heavenly Father answers our prayers.
I would like to share with you some of the notes I took at the meeting, particularly from a talk given by President Dishman. A member of the stake presidency, he was released today and gave an excellent talk about spiritual maturity. He gave ten attributes to better achieve spiritual maturity, and pointed out that the more childlike attributes we attain, the more progress we can witness.
1) innocence
2) humility
3) simplicity
4) faith
5) love
6) wisdom
7) leadership
8) accountability
9) dependability
10) self-mastery
President Dishman continued to teach that the benefits of fully learning and living these attributes will bring about these blessings:
1) Your faith will strengthen
2) You will see beyond your desires.
3) You will learn to better represent Christ.

I was so thankful to hear that talk! What a powerful witness to the divine calling that leaders have to teach and be in touch with the members of their stakes. I was so glad, and am so glad that I have infinite opportunities to sit at the feet of leaders who can teach me so eloquently.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Would you like to hear about my day?

My day started at 5 am today. I am really tired, but not the type of tired that makes you want to go to bed early. No, it is the kind of tired that makes you want to complain so much that you blog about it. Know what I'm saying? (insert stifled yawn)
What else do I have to tell? My hair is straight. 9 times out of 10 I prefer to have my hair straight. That is what made today a good day.
Yesterday, I told my roommates to squish on the couch with me. They did. I love it when people submit to my will. I suppose that is one of my gifts in life. One time I told my friends in high school to lay on the ground and pretend to sizzle like bacon in a pan in the hot sunshine. They did! And then they realized what they were doing and abruptly stopped. (sigh) Nonetheless, it is a gift that I have. Now my secret is out and none of you will ever do any of the ridiculous things I demand in the future. Tartar Sauce.
My apartment is out of light bulbs. I have now replaced 8 light bulbs in the past three weeks. What is that? If my light bulbs had a warranty, it just ran out. :( My life is not about frowny faces, so I can move on. the unseasonably warm weather has been great the past week or so. Sunshine, the fanciful foliage, and the capability to wear inappropriate shoes for typical November weather. It has been so nice.
OH! the biggest news is that Taci won a pie when she was shopping at Smith's last Saturday. It was customer appreciation day and she got to spin a wheel. A wheel of prizes. She could have won dip, or bread, but she won a pie! The golden cow of all prizes on customer appreciation day. Her pie is redeemable by coupon, but she still hasn't decided if she wants a fruit or pumpkin pie yet. That is a big decision to make. I am so very happy for her, and I wanted to make it known that I celebrate her grocery successes. Congratulations Taci!!
I just found out that I am going to live with of my very favorite people over spring summer and fall next year. I am talking about Kimberly Ann Holm. I am so so so excited. She is so pleasant. :) See Kim? you put a smiley back into my day. Yeah!
I bought an egg salad sandwich yesterday and some guy told me that I had made a bold choice. It is not a fruit or pumpkin conundrum but still, I am glad that some random guy appreciates my spunk when it comes to sandwiches.
Some people write blogs of meaning. I write about sandwiches and hair. Thanks for listening to my day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family. Isn't it about time?

In my blog of uber cheesiness mixed with all of the bitter sarcasm I posses, I have thusly decided that today's blog post should discuss the people near and dear to my heart. My siblings. Now, as am I basking in reminiscence I feel it is appropriate to start out with a photo. All good blogs come with photos.
This picture was taken the day of Taylor's wedding.

My darling brother is so smart! and kind, and cultured, and eclectic, and talented, and married to the sweetest gal ever. Brooke is perfect for him. Currently in a masters program of history, it is easy to recall the times he would talk about Napoleon during a car ride. He has always been a teacher, especially through his example. What else about Taylor? He loves classical music, listens to the BBC and played the bagpipes. It is because of Taylor that I love opera, follow election results and have an unexplained affection towards plaid. He has excellent wit, and oft times comes up with incredibly clever puns. We both love to cook and one time made blueberry muffins from scratch and then tried homemade tortellini! We are amazing. Funny Taylor moment: When he went to give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting without his shoes on. Our absent minded professor:)

Taci is a hoot. There really isn't another word for her. Maybe you could say she is a delight, but only on Sundays. Taci is also smart, loves to cook, has excellent taste, and is the most creative person I know. Much of my life has been about trying to do what Taci has done. She sings, draws, writes calligraphy, and of course is musical in every way. Married to a man named Jake (who I insist calling Paco for no apparent reason), they care about everyone around them, and show a consistent example of charity. My favorite memory of Taci doesn't really exist, there are too many. One time she did say "A five foot extension cord for 99 cents?! do you know how far you could go with that?" upon which I said, "yeah Taci, 5 feet." Hee hee, ten years later that is still hilarious.

Both of my siblings have been married in the Jordan River Temple, and have wonderful eternal companions. I am so thankful for their love and their willingness to do right everyday. I am so glad that you are mine!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaves are falling on my head.

Halloween costumes. Squash soup. Leaves falling on my head. Autumn is here! I love this time of year, and until Easter, there is now always a holiday to look forward to:) Halloween was an excellent kick off, I saw the coolest guy on BYU campus in a FULL OUT YOSHI COSTUME. So cool.

On Friday night, we had a 45 minute ward party (the best kind) and my roommates and I dressed up for the chili cookoff extravaganza. Heidi was The Nanny, Johannah was the prettiest Southern Belle you've ever seen, and I was just tasty lookin. (Laiken had to work, so she took the picture, but I assure you, she was lovely too!)

Tonight I made squash soup! I have been on a quest for a year now to find the perfect recipe. Luckily, I have a great friend named Suzanne who shared her knowledge with me! I had to buy a pumpkin from a floral shop because the BYU creamery didn't have any squash! Crazy? yes. But it was yummy and my roommates even pretended to like it:)

If you would like to have a friend named Suzanne, or would like the soup recipe, comment below!

Now, I am looking forward to more and more midterms and some awesome cooler weather. Hooray for Thanksgiving break, so close I can almost taste it...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today. October 27, 2009

Today I wore a sweater vest. The result was fantastic.

Today I read an article about foreign oil dependency. I get to write about it now.

Today I made dinner for my grandparents, and the mature me that I am, I ate Sauerkraut.

Today I slept in til almost noon. (don't do that)

Today I beefed up a pretty purple power point for my Relief Society lesson on Sunday.

Today I facebook stalked several new people. Why is everyone so attractive?!

Today my best friend Desi called me from Cedar City and said that her next door neighbor is a guy that my sister Taci went to high school with. Oddly cool.

Today I counted out 131 pennies in order for me to go visiting teaching.

Today I wore pearls. Along with the aforementioned sweater vest, it was a good day.

Today I saw snow for the first time this season. Yeah precipitation.

Today somebody called me effervescent.

Today I let my good friend borrow my crock pot, I must really trust that guy.

Today I ate my roommate Johannah's cabbage salad. That's two cabbage servings in one day!

Today I blogged.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The landfill of all my thoughts

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought it would be nice to dump all of my recent thoughts and happenings in one blog. First off, I feel much better after my bout with some flu bug. I was in bed for approximately four days and was sick for almost two weeks overall. Thankfully, an email entitled "I have the Swine" produces sympathetic results from professors.
My favorite thing in the world is now blog stalking. The best is when you find a new blog to look at and uncover a treasure trove of over a year of posts. Clearly, the happiest part of stalking is checking out pictures. I will now proceed to share some recent photos of mine for you to enjoy.

miss mady beckett, my cousin's daughter. I am Mady's personal toy and she is absolutely adorable:)

Sammy! This is my buddy cousin who just lost a great quantity of teeth in a short period of time. He makes more money from losing one tooth than I do in one fiscal year.

These are my cute girls! Lauryn, Katelyn and Megan are daughters of another cousin of mine and they give the best hugs. Last time I saw Lauryn, (the oldest) she asked her grandma if she could go do pilates in the backyard. She needed to work on her abs.

Obviously I hang around many children that are far cuter than I could ever hope to be. Somehow, I carry on despite of their cuteness and I love them dearly!

I am still carrying on in school, I can't believe the first block is already over! Eu gosto de falo na Portugues, eu muito intelegente:) I just finished cleaning my apartment and everything smells like lemon scented windex. That is the most exciting thing I have to report.

One more photo... I SAW A LLAMA ON CAMPUS!

Well, technically it was an El Paca (the Veterinarian guy corrected me when I shouted Llama! from 20 feet away)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gift giving for Men.

My dear brother Taylor is one of those few sweet people who take the time to laugh at my jokes. In fact, Taylor is the very same person who first persuaded me to start a blog. Enough background about that, just know that he assigned me the homework of blogging today.

In my lifelong quest to seek and share helpful hints, I shall now share a hint with men who are forever querying about what to give the women in their lives. Along with the help of a former roommate's clueless boyfriend, we came up with the "4 S system"
There are always four adjectives that you cannot possibly fail with when buying a woman a gift. Sparkly, Smelly, Sweet, and Soft. Just remember the 4 S's and you will be set.

Certainly it is no secret that like raccoons, women seek after the shiny things of life. Jewelry. Need I say more?

This is a broad category that should not go without notice. Candles, perfumes, those lurid pinky lotions and even the occasional tasteful potpourri mix would not be inappropriate. This gift also does not require or bind you with any commitment to the recipient as smells eventually dissipate.

Once again, I think the benefits are self evident. Remember, chocolate=good.

The giving of a soft gift reminds the recipient of your softer side. Soft gifts can range from cozy warm blankets to a thoughtful pair of socks for your mother.

I certainly hope this helps anyone scrounging for the perfect gift for the perfect female in their life. Four S's. Now don't forget, and go shopping!

As for my last blog post, that movie quote was from The Little Rascals. Just in case you were uber curious.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crawling my way throught the valley of death.

Last week I blogged about having a really great cold. I should have never aired my suspicions about swine flu because now I also get to enjoy the benefits of pepto bismol on top of all of that cold medication! Six days of blowing my nose like a fog horn and now I am also a barf encrusted jumbo jerk (if you can name that Movie, I'll owe you). Cough! Cough! Moan....

On to a happier subject, I got to see all sorts of family last weekend! It is always really great to see Brooke and Taylor, even though they don't even live an hour away from me:) Of course there is the big hooplah of seeing Taci and Jake, who I don't get to see very often at all (those darn Idahoans). They are all so great and I love getting loves, hugs, and great college advice from all four of them!

Funny experience of the week:
Between sessions of General Conference on Saturday, I went to Taco Bell with Taci and Jake. While ordering your typical taco, Jake asked the cashier for advice on a newly featured burrito. Looking at Jake, the goatee wearing, 20 something already going to seed says, "Oh, I wouldn't know, I don't eat fast food." Frankly, it was really hard not to laugh after we decided not to be offended. Word to the wise- even if you are working at a dead end Taco Bell job in Sandy, you shouldn't mock your customer's food choice.

Wish me luck on this very germy and bumpy road to recovery!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have a cold, but I like school

It is now general conference weekend! Hurrah for Isreal!

I have now survived about five weeks of my insane fall semester of 18 credit hours and I feel busier than a man turning out balloon animals at IHOP. My Portuguese is coming along fine and I really really love my English classes.
My ward is pretty good and I have learned a lot about men and their failure to communicate when it comes to planning.

So far the saddest experience of the past six weeks was when Freshman approached my on BYU campus and greeted me like I greet mentally handicapped people. Sure, my hair was frizzy and my brow was furrowed from studying Portuguese, but still the effect was horrifying and now I can laugh about it. That means you can too. How would you react if someone stopped a conversation with friends and walked up to you and said "Hey Buddy! How's it going?"

I have a really bad head cold right now and I sound like a congested Spongebob character. I have to blow my nose so often that nobody in my family wants to sit within 6 feet of me. That is probably for the best, because I'm going to assume I'm going to come down with Swine Flu next week. Don't let me sneeze on you and certainly don't take of my offered baked goods for a while.

My darlingest, favorite sister popsicle Taci has just magically deleted a blog she had already posted. How did she do that? but she just gave me her password to go fix it. From now on, just assume I'll be posting some very helpful household hints on

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whitney, Alisha and Franklynn

Forgive me for the sentimental nature of this blog, but I have decided to write about some of my dearest and closest friends. At the end of the day, good things and bad things have happened but a really great support system has come through!

These three people are all remarkable and they touched my life in different and profound ways. I met them all in middle school, so so very long ago...

Alisha Larson!

Alisha and I met in seventh grade when we had to walk from one class to another (aww.. so cute!) Silly enough, three years later we became very good friends. She was our 'designated driver' in high school and I can't even count how many times she drove me around to choir concerts, home from school and to a million dollar movies. She has the funniest laugh that comes in spurts and does this excellent fake punch. One of my favorite memories about Alisha is when she drove to Nephi on the way home from Provo. Thank you Alisha for your sense of humor, your loving nature and your beautiful self!

Franklynn Stott <3

Franklynn just makes me smile. This picture is from the night we went to Homecoming together and this is by far my favorite dance picture! He likes to say that when we met, we hated each other, he likes to say that about all four of us. I can't even say that is true, but I do remember the first class we had together and I thought he was a pill:) I made him sign a behavioral contract to switch seats because I thought that he talked way too much. Now I talk too much! When you text his name it comes out Franklymo and so now that is the name we affectionately refer to. I have far too many funny moments about him, but I'll never forget when he told someone that "We aren't active people". The best ever. Guess you had to be there. Franklynn, you always make me feel better on a sad day and you are a fantastic listener.

Whitney Fehr :)

Whitney and I live right across the street from each other and didn't realize it for more than 5 years! such a waste, I still say it. Whitney's house is where we would basically lived for the entire space of high school. Her family is hilarious and amazing, second only to her. Whitney was basically our glue and to this day I don't know what high school would have been without her. Many of our best times were just sitting around her table after school, Franklynn eating crackers and me drinking water. Basically three years of my life involved drinking water at the Fehr's and playing Frisbee at the local elementary school. My favorite Whitney memory was when we had a cake and pudding fight at a park and she was so covered in chocolate that I began to doubt her nationality. Thank you for the hours and hours of laughs and all that water!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogging! gah!

At this point in my young blogging life, I have one follower. Despite my efforts to put forth a quality product for my viewer, I have found the entire blogging process to be difficult and hard to understand. Just like when you open your untouched play doh only to find it hard rather than gooey. Blogging is hard and I don't know how people do it. I will now be far more appreciative to those who blog regularly and have nice backgrounds with matchy matchy fonts. Nevertheless, I will press on, wish me luck.

The 2nd Annual Fake Parade

Every year I compile myself a Summer checklist.

Finally make it to Lagoon? Check.

Realize my life long goal of being more tan than a penguin? Not yet.

Practice my Portuguese? Long story short, no.

Bake the perfect homemade Lion House Rolls? No, and that really is too bad.

Host a Fake Parade? Check-A-Roo!

Clearly my priorities are in the correct order because fake parades are the best part of the summer sunshine.

You may be asking yourself just exactly what a fake parade is, besides an obvious good time.

Fake parades are an excellent opportunity to enjoy

the summer sunshine, wave at cars as they drive by

and tell people you are saving seats for a parade

that in all actuality does not exist. You wave to the

cars speeding by and eat Otter Pops. That is what

fake parades are.

This year, the turnout was awesome! Overall about

15 people came and lent a helping hand to our

waving efforts! Some time next July, look for a

bunch of awkward people waving on the side of 90th south, be sure to honk!