Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing remotely of note.

Today I thought to myself "today is a day to blog!" Yes indeed, I was a determined soul. Nevertheless, I have nothing to blog about, thusly I will write about nothing.

I typically don't have classes until noon, so naturally I sleep in until nine or nine thirty on a daily basis. I wake up, and stumble out with messy hair and casually say hello to my overachieving roommates who have been awake since 6 am. My day then continues with a myriad of homework and marveling that the awkward dating situations of my ward. At night, my roommates and I giggle about silly things and bask in the steady stream of people who come play foosball at our apartment. Indeed, I live a charmed life. Comparable to Seinfeld, my life about nothing is markedly entertaining. Today my roommate LJ told me a great thought... "grades don't get you into heaven, boys do" Brilliant.

I recently have rediscovered my love of Elephant Jokes. Wikipedia has an entry about the history and spread of this logic-defying tidbits of hilarity.

I also have been severely distracted by my Shakespeare class. Kenneth Branagh is a genius! (but maybe not the best looking blonde in Hamlet) I have decided that it is really hard on me when a beloved actor changes hair color. Case and Point: Julie Andrews is a much better brunette in Mary Poppins than as a blonde in The Sound of Music. That is just how I feel.

Miley Cyrus and I have a mutual understanding. She doesn't know I exist, and I pretend she doesn't. Needless to say, my opinion only changes when I listen to Party in the USA. How can you not nod your head like yeah? After months and months of deeper study of the English language and higher forms of rhetoric, how could I resist?

Now, having delved into several paragraphs about nothing, I will conclude with a photo, as it is commonly known blogs are more interesting when photos are included.

(I had just told an elephant joke)