Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clown College and Marigolds

I spent a week at home between the winter and spring semesters of my beloved BYU. Really, I dearly love my university, and I cannot complain about too many things... other than the complete and shocking lack of spring break. Hmph. Nevertheless! I was able to spend a week in Sandy with Mumsy and Popsicle and it was a refreshing break. Here are some of the activities I partook in:

-repaired 24 kazoos. for a family party. I could not be a clown, there is too much pressure to have all of the party favors adequately function.
-played Happy Birthday to my cousin Bambi, with 23 of my family members, on kazoos.
-realized that kazoos are really great instruments.
-mowed the lawn. I do not envy the neighbor boy who will have to do that all summer long.
-went to a live cooking show with my Auntie Rae, and won a flatbed of marigold plants.
-planted 36 marigold plants in my mother's garden, and made her promise to water them and talk to them lovingly when I am not there.
-visited old friends.
-purchased shorts, flip flops and sunglasses for the summer.
-went to costco with mom, when she needed chapstick. She now has 12 tubes, and gave two to me. Yes!! the kind with spf 30!
-watched a Jazz game or two, oh Jerry. I am so glad espn respects you too.
-decided to put in mission papers around Thanksgiving.
-realized that I will have a mission call in about 7 months.
-drove to Provo for a 15 minute visit, to turn in one last paper for winter semester.
-spent 4 days with Mother, who had a successful tongue surgery and recovered very nicely.
-held a baby or two at church.

I had a very nice spring break, and I greatly look forward to my next break, in August.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's the end of the semester as we know it.

I simply cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by! I babysat my cousins for a week (while still going to school), I taught 4 relief society lessons, I made dinner for a 14 person dinner group, I took 8 credits of Portuguese for another semester, I endured my share of computer problems and I had 9 roommates to boot! (5 girls, 2 fiances, 1 biance, and 1 boyfriend) Biance (pronounced like Beyonce) is a boyfriend that soon will be a fiance. We always had a full house, and we loved it.

Carly and Jesse -- the hilarious and ever giving couple who consistently take me on as the third wheel.

Natalie and Zach -- painfully try to teach me sign language ABC's and put up with me when we all want to cook in the kitchen at the same time.

Michaila and Ben -- they are in love and they love everybody! I am going to miss them when they get married.

Suzanne and Erik -- one day, all the roommates sent texts to Erik to notify him every time we did anything remotely noteworthy. i.e. Hey Erik! I am studying in the Library til five, just to let you know!

Becca... & Taralyn -- the single friends who play with couples, flirt with boys, and talk about dates. Thank heavens for roommates who remain single simply to make me feel better. :)

S210 (Michaila is here in spirit)

Winter 2010 has been too much fun! I can't believe it is over and I look forward to many more fun semesters!