Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Would you like to hear about my day?

My day started at 5 am today. I am really tired, but not the type of tired that makes you want to go to bed early. No, it is the kind of tired that makes you want to complain so much that you blog about it. Know what I'm saying? (insert stifled yawn)
What else do I have to tell? My hair is straight. 9 times out of 10 I prefer to have my hair straight. That is what made today a good day.
Yesterday, I told my roommates to squish on the couch with me. They did. I love it when people submit to my will. I suppose that is one of my gifts in life. One time I told my friends in high school to lay on the ground and pretend to sizzle like bacon in a pan in the hot sunshine. They did! And then they realized what they were doing and abruptly stopped. (sigh) Nonetheless, it is a gift that I have. Now my secret is out and none of you will ever do any of the ridiculous things I demand in the future. Tartar Sauce.
My apartment is out of light bulbs. I have now replaced 8 light bulbs in the past three weeks. What is that? If my light bulbs had a warranty, it just ran out. :( My life is not about frowny faces, so I can move on. the unseasonably warm weather has been great the past week or so. Sunshine, the fanciful foliage, and the capability to wear inappropriate shoes for typical November weather. It has been so nice.
OH! the biggest news is that Taci won a pie when she was shopping at Smith's last Saturday. It was customer appreciation day and she got to spin a wheel. A wheel of prizes. She could have won dip, or bread, but she won a pie! The golden cow of all prizes on customer appreciation day. Her pie is redeemable by coupon, but she still hasn't decided if she wants a fruit or pumpkin pie yet. That is a big decision to make. I am so very happy for her, and I wanted to make it known that I celebrate her grocery successes. Congratulations Taci!!
I just found out that I am going to live with of my very favorite people over spring summer and fall next year. I am talking about Kimberly Ann Holm. I am so so so excited. She is so pleasant. :) See Kim? you put a smiley back into my day. Yeah!
I bought an egg salad sandwich yesterday and some guy told me that I had made a bold choice. It is not a fruit or pumpkin conundrum but still, I am glad that some random guy appreciates my spunk when it comes to sandwiches.
Some people write blogs of meaning. I write about sandwiches and hair. Thanks for listening to my day.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Mine was fine too, although these 12 hours on campus Tuesdays can get a little old. So, you should call me sometime and tell me football stuff that I can repeat to all my classmates when there are awkward silences. After all, there are surprisingly large amounts of awkward silences in Greek and Latin classes. Who would have thought?

  2. taralyn i love you! and i am now following your blog :) you can follow mine too if you like: kellyann0589.blogspot.com :)