Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gift giving for Men.

My dear brother Taylor is one of those few sweet people who take the time to laugh at my jokes. In fact, Taylor is the very same person who first persuaded me to start a blog. Enough background about that, just know that he assigned me the homework of blogging today.

In my lifelong quest to seek and share helpful hints, I shall now share a hint with men who are forever querying about what to give the women in their lives. Along with the help of a former roommate's clueless boyfriend, we came up with the "4 S system"
There are always four adjectives that you cannot possibly fail with when buying a woman a gift. Sparkly, Smelly, Sweet, and Soft. Just remember the 4 S's and you will be set.

Certainly it is no secret that like raccoons, women seek after the shiny things of life. Jewelry. Need I say more?

This is a broad category that should not go without notice. Candles, perfumes, those lurid pinky lotions and even the occasional tasteful potpourri mix would not be inappropriate. This gift also does not require or bind you with any commitment to the recipient as smells eventually dissipate.

Once again, I think the benefits are self evident. Remember, chocolate=good.

The giving of a soft gift reminds the recipient of your softer side. Soft gifts can range from cozy warm blankets to a thoughtful pair of socks for your mother.

I certainly hope this helps anyone scrounging for the perfect gift for the perfect female in their life. Four S's. Now don't forget, and go shopping!

As for my last blog post, that movie quote was from The Little Rascals. Just in case you were uber curious.

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  1. i'm so glad i found your blog and that i can blog stalk you now!! i think we need a lunch date really soon. miss ya tara!