Thursday, October 22, 2009

The landfill of all my thoughts

I haven't updated in a while, so I thought it would be nice to dump all of my recent thoughts and happenings in one blog. First off, I feel much better after my bout with some flu bug. I was in bed for approximately four days and was sick for almost two weeks overall. Thankfully, an email entitled "I have the Swine" produces sympathetic results from professors.
My favorite thing in the world is now blog stalking. The best is when you find a new blog to look at and uncover a treasure trove of over a year of posts. Clearly, the happiest part of stalking is checking out pictures. I will now proceed to share some recent photos of mine for you to enjoy.

miss mady beckett, my cousin's daughter. I am Mady's personal toy and she is absolutely adorable:)

Sammy! This is my buddy cousin who just lost a great quantity of teeth in a short period of time. He makes more money from losing one tooth than I do in one fiscal year.

These are my cute girls! Lauryn, Katelyn and Megan are daughters of another cousin of mine and they give the best hugs. Last time I saw Lauryn, (the oldest) she asked her grandma if she could go do pilates in the backyard. She needed to work on her abs.

Obviously I hang around many children that are far cuter than I could ever hope to be. Somehow, I carry on despite of their cuteness and I love them dearly!

I am still carrying on in school, I can't believe the first block is already over! Eu gosto de falo na Portugues, eu muito intelegente:) I just finished cleaning my apartment and everything smells like lemon scented windex. That is the most exciting thing I have to report.

One more photo... I SAW A LLAMA ON CAMPUS!

Well, technically it was an El Paca (the Veterinarian guy corrected me when I shouted Llama! from 20 feet away)

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