Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My mother, the superhero.

Those who know and love Randi Smith, (and let's face it, to know her is to love her) is a hero. My mom is amazing for oh-so-many reasons, but today I would like to recount a tale of her saving a young girl's birthday. This week, Mom and Dad were grocery shopping as they like to do. While exiting the local Wal Mart, Mom happened upon a young family also exiting with a cart full of food and a baby seat. The little girl attached to her mommy pushing the baby cart around was carrying a balloon with her. Suddenly... the wind blew the balloon out of her grasp, and the little girl simply could not keep up. Rushing to her aid, our hero ran out into the parking lot with wild abandon and caught the balloon! Come to find out, this little girl had turned three years old that day and had been carrying her birthday balloon with her everywhere she went. Hooray for Mom!

We all know what a great lady my mom is, but now it is official, you can wear your cape in public now Mommy :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eating yogurt with MaryKate and Ashley

Last weekend was my last break from school until the end of April. I sure love BYU, but I would sure appreciate a real spring break! So, what did I do to celebrate President's day and Valentine's day all in one? I went to the land of opportunity AKA Idaho Falls to see my sister Taci and her spouse Jake. We had a grand old time and I once again saw the many diversions that Southeastern Idaho has to offer. I went to an army navy surplus store and attended a church that looks suspiciously like a synagogue. Idaho sure charmed me. On the back to Provo, I stopped in on my parents and they fed me fajitas. Overall I considered it an exciting three days.

The birthday season is upon us soon! Over the next month, both of my siblings will celebrate their birthdays:) ( I got Taci a salad spinner... I am a good sister) (Taylor? I still don't know what to get him, probably something cultural)

Today, I had a free frozen yogurt that was specifically tasty and I am now in the same room as an Olsen Twin movie. So far? Wednesday has been a good day. MaryKate can really pull off that late 90's plaid pant look. Wish I could.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Innovative Vocabulary Lessons

Yesterday I was accepted into the English Teaching program at Brigham Young University! I am so excited and I feel like I just took a big step forward on my career path. Now I can dream about teaching eager young seventh graders, and all the fun that it entails. I can't wait to read books, talk about commas and semi colons, and have fun with vocabulary! One day... and one day soon I will be molding young minds and instilling my passion for written words. I could not have finished my application without the help of my devoted family and friends. Thank you, THANK YOU, to those who helped me along the way. I am so blessed to have a great support system around me.
On the home front, I am having a good semester. I can't believe that January has left us already, where did it go?! My roommates are still as darling as can be, and my friends in my ward are great. I am so thankful for my classy former roommates, and I treasure my friendships with Laiken and Johannah. I went to the BYU basketball game on Saturday, where they spanked Utah:) What a good time. This is me and my roommate Natalie waiting in line for the game. I sure love her.

I have droned on long enough I suppose. I love my major. I love my Mom and Dad. I love lots and lots of things. The important thing is, I love the Lord. keep on smiling!