Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today. October 27, 2009

Today I wore a sweater vest. The result was fantastic.

Today I read an article about foreign oil dependency. I get to write about it now.

Today I made dinner for my grandparents, and the mature me that I am, I ate Sauerkraut.

Today I slept in til almost noon. (don't do that)

Today I beefed up a pretty purple power point for my Relief Society lesson on Sunday.

Today I facebook stalked several new people. Why is everyone so attractive?!

Today my best friend Desi called me from Cedar City and said that her next door neighbor is a guy that my sister Taci went to high school with. Oddly cool.

Today I counted out 131 pennies in order for me to go visiting teaching.

Today I wore pearls. Along with the aforementioned sweater vest, it was a good day.

Today I saw snow for the first time this season. Yeah precipitation.

Today somebody called me effervescent.

Today I let my good friend borrow my crock pot, I must really trust that guy.

Today I ate my roommate Johannah's cabbage salad. That's two cabbage servings in one day!

Today I blogged.

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  1. yay for cabbage! I hear that it keeps kidney stones away!