Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stalling continued.

Today I found a website that made fun of the names typically found in Utah. There were really nice names like Brighamina and LaVar. Imagine my surprise when I found MY name, in the exact spelling. I had no idea that I had a typical Utah sounding name. This is all sorts of awesome, seeing as how I found my mother's, grandmother's, and my cousin's names on that list too(Randolyn, LaDean, and Korin). LaDean is also my sister's middle name, wow we really are a big happy Utah family. I am so glad that I do not share that peculiar honor with just strangers. Go see if your name is on it!

As I am stalling from studying for finals, I thought it would be a nice treat to share the many things that I have found on the web. I found a website that has recipes inspired by Harry Potter cuisine This one was actually WAY cool, and I hope to one day make pumpkin juice.

While websurfing for modest clothing, I found a great site that comes complete with a no-frump promise:
Clearly, my second day of stalling has been fruitful and entertaining.

Oh! one last thing. I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the first time in years today. It made me smile til me cheeks hurt.


  1. I should be studying for finals. But instead, I have been stalling too!

    That is SOOO funny that your name is on that website!!! And so funny that your mom's, grandma's, cousin's, and even your aunt's (spelled a bit differently though...RaeDene)names are on there too!!! Oh and there's also Brynn (without an E) on it too! I looked for my name but it wasn't on there. There were some interesting variants of it like Brookeanna, Brookelle, and Brookelynn though!!

    I'm glad you had a fruitful and entertaining day of stalling!!!

  2. I just want you to know I read your blog like alll the time. And I always miss you when I do. We need to hang out next semester or I will be sad! <3 Kelly