Thursday, December 16, 2010

invisible ear muffs

I have been sick. That is right, strep throat during finals week. It has been the worst! I have a stuffy nose, my characteristic low seductive cold voice, and tonsils that refuse to get better. I think the worst part about it has been having a clogged ear for a whole week. I feel partially deaf and I couldn't even understand Taci today when she called me to tell me a knock knock joke. It is like I am wearing invisible ear muffs. I only wear one of my headphones these days because it is pointless in my other ear. I am so whiny!
While being sick, and also while procrastinating my finals this is what I have accomplished:
- watching barefoot contessa everyday.
- napping at least once a day.
- monopolizing my sister's netflix watch instantly account.
- cramming educational terms into my head periodically before finals.
- measuring my personal growth from the start of Fall 2010 semester to the end.
- wallowing in the fact that I am leaving my apartment complex after 2 1/2 years.
- whipping up a carrot cake in 40 minutes (from scratch, complete with frosting too)
- using all of my tissues, all of my roommate's tissues, and several rolls of toilet paper.
- passed a cleaning check with an inexplicably strange woman.
- worn 5 pairs of pajamas in a week.
- visited the doctor twice, because I have been so many times lately that I am now forming a dangerous, not even enjoyable habit.
- calling my mother to complain everyday.
- internet stalking my BYU football team, hoping that they win their bowl game.
- partially hosted, attended, and baked for another world famous S210 party.
- won a book of facts at said white elephant party.
- wrote a blog detailing the last week of my life.

On to happier things... finals are almost over! I am moving home:) and a mission call should be coming soon to a theater near you. Stay tuned.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My first sign of brilliance was you.

I had to write a love poem for my creative writing class. Here it goes:

My first sign of brilliance was you.

“Hey there” – words I will never tire.
My life lights up when I hold your
hand. My heart beats a bit more
when you call me your own.

To my life and to my soul, I say
thanks everyday. My first sign
of brilliance was you. If our
love was tangible, it would display.

Love, heart, and affection only
in the best form. Hardy and
earthy – we are the meat and potatoes.
Quality of a Phillips screwdriver, no outsource.

My thoughts are you. My refined
respectability evident in my choice.
Better than ever, you are my library
of wisdom, a gorgeous catalog.

Monday, November 22, 2010

an essay on cleaning.

Nothing brings me the satisfaction of a job well done quite like a gleaming surface can. The lemony scent of anti bacterial Lysol smells better to me than fresh bread at a bakery. I like to clean when I am bored, I like to clean when I am upset. Scrubbing away at that stubborn spot with windex and steel wool is therapeutic. There is something about a spotless room that can calm me down just like a can of cold, diet coke. I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘a clean house is a happy house,’ feel free to pity my future children.
My obsession with clean is a new phase of my life, and joined my collection of other weird habits when I moved out of my mother’s home into a college apartment with cinderblock walls. I suddenly realized that a clean space was a direct reflection upon how clean I could be, or how disgusting my roommates are. When my bed is made, I just appear to look more put together. I fully admit that I think clutter is laziness, and I already feel like a mother when I ask my roommates to move their computers and shoes into their personal spaces. It is obvious to my roommates when I have had a bad day and I think the apartment looks like a war zone; I leave passive aggressive notes that say things like “everyone please move all of your things off of the kitchen table... love you!” Some days I leave a chore chart and make my roommates (who are all responsible adults) sign up for a job that has to be done before they can go to bed that night. The indignant part of me always wins out against the guilt, and I find that have no qualms against bossing my peers around to get what I want.
Perhaps I like to clean a little too much, perhaps I like to be the dominant mother figure of whatever scene I am living in, or perhaps I just can’t control anything in life except how shiny the stainless steel sink is after I do the dishes.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I love Thanksgiving. I love the turkey. I love the shopping. I love spending time with my family. I love the smell of cloves and sage. I mostly love the opportunity to talk about the things I love. This is like "Oprah's Favorite Things" but naturally, they are my favorite things. I do not presume to have the fine taste that Oprah has, but seriously, she wishes she had my life.
I am thankful for:
*Food Network* especially during Thanksgiving. Who knew that gravy, cranberries, and turkey could be perfected in Italian, Mexican, and Chinese culture?! I once was sick in bed during the week before Thanksgiving. For five days, all I did was watch the Food Network and it was literally the best day of my life.
*Neville* He may be a 2005 Kia Spectra painted in a pretty gold color just short of 60,000 miles, but he gets me to Sandy and Provo in a stylish fashion.
*Mumsy and Popsicle* this denotes my love of Wicked and my parental units. My parents are just about the best I could have. They are funny, cultured, and more supportive than the mats that grocery store cashiers stand on.
*Brooke, Jake, Taylor, and Taci* I used to think that once people got married, they got boring. NOPE. They are terribly wonderful. I have been to Idaho Falls four times in the last four months and been dazzled by the Smiths countless times. Gee, aren't they great?
*My roommates* Wowee, they put up with a lot. Thanks, ladies.
*Health?* I went to a cardiac clinic today, and it was the only waiting room I have ever been in where a nurse was passing out snacks and juice. A man followed behind her with a cart full of oxygen tanks, considering where I was, I surprised that the tanks weren't passed out along with the sprite and the handi-snacks. I am so thankful that I haven't reached a point where my ear lobes have to hold up tubing to help me breathe.

I have a lot, just as much as Oprah, if not more. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Words of wisdom on a wintery evening

Fall semester is busy busy, which has been a blessing to distract me from the painful football season before me. OUCH. Nevertheless, it has been a great few months of autumn. My roommates and I went on a roadtrip WITH MY MOTHER. It was amazing, especially since we were able to go to Idaho Falls. Poor Jake (Taci's husband) got a glimpse into life in a sorority as there were four college girls, one mother in law and one wife... really the poor man is a saint.
I am working on mission papers and have hit a slight road bump with the medical approval, and I am going to a second specialist on Friday in Salt Lake. I am both nervous and calm about it. I am so thankful for the many people in my life who have lent me their support and faith. Now, onto the words of wisdom from my Multi cultural education professor, Jim Birrell.
"Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big God is" Those are words to live by.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

35 to 1 odds.

At the risk of sounding redundant, I am sleepy. That being said, I have had just a hoot and a holler being in a Junior High school... until today. I taught in a classroom for the very first time, and I still love it. I taught about part of the writing process in two eighth grade English classes; one the students were angelic and one they were hell monkeys.
The first class of the day, the students participated and were attentive to my every word and they laughed at my jokes! At the end of my instruction, they even applauded my freshman lesson plan, how sweet, right?
The second class of the day, the spawn of Satan showed up to class and wouldn't answer any questions or pay attention to what I was saying. Silly me, I thought that because the first go around went off fabulously that the second would be similar. NOT. The worst part of the it all was when I accidentally said something that could be translated into a remotely dirty phrase and that was the end of that. (word to the wise, never ever say that an introductory paragraph will suck your readers in)
I am now battle worn and weary, and I have never wanted to be an English teacher more than right now.
My uncle once said that the greatest accomplishment of his 30 year career as a middle school biology teacher was that he never killed a student. I have been teaching one day, and that is also my greatest accomplishment.
If you ever want to know how to best write an introduction to a story, please let me know:) Or, if you would like to place bets on my 35 to 1 odds, call my bookie.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Being the grown up.

I have been taking education classes this semester, I love it! I wake up at 6 am and treasure the moments with my diet coke even more now. I also find myself longing for my bed in the middle of the day. I am permanently plum tuckered out.
I walked into Lake Ridge Junior High on Wednesday and I was the grown up in the conservative slacks. I was taller than the girls wearing glitter and more articulate than the book reports I read. I got to use the copy machine and the other teachers didn't question why I was there! I walked into the main office and the secretary gave me her respectful attention. Take note: I am an adult.
This week I have been assigned to observe and aide in a eighth grade English classroom. Grading papers, making copies and learning organizational tips has never been so enlightening, exhausting and enjoyable. What I really love the most are the students. I love the boys who wear high school football jerseys as a status symbol. I love the girls who run up to their friends to share 'literally the best news ever.' I love the zipped up binders bigger than the seventh graders themselves. I love the handwriting -- cursive, names written in hot pink ink with hearts right beside, I even love the illegible last names when kids try to sign stuff.
Students are snarky and sweet all at the same time. They perfectly illustrate the human conundrum of growing up and trying to have fun at the same time. They are sponges, unwittingly soaking up everything you say about life and grammar. These students are obstinate and eager. I can't help but adore them, there is no going back now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Trevor one of my cousins and also one of my best friends. Called to the Auckland New Zealand mission, he entered the MTC just this week and I am going to miss him like crazy! This summer we have been to over 15 movies and played many card games with our grandparents. I am currently working on mission papers of my own, and hopefully I will come home from a mission of my own shortly after Trevor returns. I am so proud of him and I know he will be a fabulous missionary.
Miss you Trev!

Idaho Falls Temple August 2010

Disneyland May 2010

Wicked April 2009

Homecoming Dance September 2007

1992 - We were raised right, BYU fans forever:)

one more- I just can't help it!

Good luck Elder Beckstead!

A Snuggie Saturday

My sister has a coupon gift. The other day, we heard a whisper that Sunggies were on clearance at Target for $7.49. Taci found a coupon for $5.00 off and lo and behold we all bought snuggies for three whole dollars (including tax). We made two trips to Target that day, once with just Taci, Jake and I; secondly with Mother and Brooke in tow. While at Target, Mother saw a neighbor and had to explain why she had a cart full of snuggies... she was rather mortified. In total, we purchased seven snuggies that day. Naturally, a photo shoot commenced.

Just the snuggie gals.

The Fam, Dad took the picture and Cleo didn't want one.

We were also inspired by the pictures on the boxes, there are so many things you can do in a a Snuggie!

Play the Piano

Check the Mail!

Visit friends!


Grill some meat!

And lastly, and most importantly,

Mow the lawn!

Thank you Snuggie for providing fashionable, warm comfort.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sleep is overrated, right?

Boy, I am sure tired. In the last two days, I have had a total of 9 hours of sleep. (this is typically what I average for one day, mind you) I am plum tuckered out! Between finals, cleaning checks and other homework responsibilities, I have come to the conclusion that I will be forever sleep deprived. I once asked my mother what it was like to have children like me who would never allow her to sleep, she told me that getting a full eight hours is completely overrated. She said that it is totally possible to run on four hours of rest, although maybe not at full mental capacity. Well Mother, I am here to say you are very saintly. I sure hope that when I have children they are the sleeping kind, and I would like to say that I am eternally sorry that as a wee infant I never allowed you the time you needed with your pillow. I am not running at full mental capacity. I am not even running at full social capacity, people are starting to avoid my loopy comments and yawning mannerisms. My hair is clean and my teeth are brushed, that is just about all I can promise anyone at this point. I can't do this anymore, I am going to take a nap, after my next final exam in three hours. (Yawn)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Shakespearean Monkey is off my back.

36 hours.
19 in the library.
4 1/2 in classes.
22 slide powerpoint
10 source annotated bibliography
5 Shakespearean plays
20 class handouts
20 minute nap on couch in library bathroom
44 coldplay songs, on repeat
1 new favorite song - Kingdom Come


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastination - the game we like to play

Everyday when I put my hand in my backpack, the pen I pull out is a surprise. Will I get the dependable black pen? Or the blue ink with the gel comfort grip? The Dr. Scholl's for fingers? (that is an idea I could market) I digress, but yes -- when I hurriedly grab for a writing utensil I never know what I am going to write with. The destiny of my notes, my doodles, and my focus are always hanging in the balance of the cosmos.

I should be focusing on this project I have due tomorrow. I have known about it for weeks. I was in the library six hours straight yesterday, and I plan on a good 10 hours today. There is never a dull moment when you procrastinate.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunglasses and Poptarts, don't travel

I have a confession to make - I am living with a man named Harold. The Harold B. Lee Library has been my primary residence for the duration of Summer Term. The other man in my life would be jealous, except William Shakespeare is the reason that I held captive in the arms of the library. I have taken to living like a gatherer, which is much more peaceful than a hunter. My primitive lifestyle has inhibited my inherent cooking flair, and I have been living off of Pop Tarts (brown sugar of course) and Costco brand trail mix. Here is what I have learned, Pop Tarts don't survive in the bottom of a backpack, underneath textbooks. Sunglasses are also prone to the same fate of being smashed to smithereens when placed under the same condition. Who knew highly processed, delicate pastries were comparable to adorable sunglasses? All I know is, when you pull out a dark lense coated in sugar dust, a painful moment will follow. Be prepared if you are going to spend your summer indoors with a textbook and internet research.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The unfortunate side to a sunburn.

I have a sunburn. But now I read the post title, I am left to wonder if there is a fortunate side to a sunburn. Nope. there isn't. Pain. People judging you for your risk of later skin cancer. The incredibly awkward situation of only wearing a bathing suit under your shirt because your shoulders are so burnt. I am certain, there is no upside.
It has been three days since I went reading by the poolside, and I still have residual effect from my outdoor recreation. I did not account for the sensitive nature of my baby-white skin when I thought about soaking up the sun for a nice tan. I don't have a nice tan. I have a skin that resembles a lobster shell. I am finally beginning to heal and I am even wearing long pants today! Long pants are my way of saying, "no, I will not rub aloe vera on my knees during class today, I am captain of my epidermis!"
While we are on the subject of aloe vera, have you ever noticed that it is a lovely green color? The green is chemically enhanced I am sure, simply because the vibrant shade of my favorite medicinal plant contrasts with the pulsating red of my shoulders. It is Christmas on my skin. The contrast between the cool green and the violent red provides an extra cooling sensation that is purely psychological. Who ever thought of making aloe vera extra green, I thank you.
My other sunburn remedy is lavender oil. My Auntie Kristin gave me this olfactory-pleasing herbal solution that is supposed to sooth and heal at the same time, as well as giving my roommates and classmates extra notification of my presence. At least my vanity has been healed. I may be bright red, but I smell like a great aromatherapy substance from bath and body works. Thank heavens for that.
The moral of the story is don't read your exorbitantly large homework assignment by the pool... in a swimming suit... for two hours. Not only will you get a lovely sunburn with funny lines but your text book might get wet. (Mine did not, thankfully) My summer has begun with a monumental sunburn. And now my nose is starting to peel. GREAT.
All is not lost, I have learned for next time. Where can I buy some SPF 90?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing remotely of note.

Today I thought to myself "today is a day to blog!" Yes indeed, I was a determined soul. Nevertheless, I have nothing to blog about, thusly I will write about nothing.

I typically don't have classes until noon, so naturally I sleep in until nine or nine thirty on a daily basis. I wake up, and stumble out with messy hair and casually say hello to my overachieving roommates who have been awake since 6 am. My day then continues with a myriad of homework and marveling that the awkward dating situations of my ward. At night, my roommates and I giggle about silly things and bask in the steady stream of people who come play foosball at our apartment. Indeed, I live a charmed life. Comparable to Seinfeld, my life about nothing is markedly entertaining. Today my roommate LJ told me a great thought... "grades don't get you into heaven, boys do" Brilliant.

I recently have rediscovered my love of Elephant Jokes. Wikipedia has an entry about the history and spread of this logic-defying tidbits of hilarity.

I also have been severely distracted by my Shakespeare class. Kenneth Branagh is a genius! (but maybe not the best looking blonde in Hamlet) I have decided that it is really hard on me when a beloved actor changes hair color. Case and Point: Julie Andrews is a much better brunette in Mary Poppins than as a blonde in The Sound of Music. That is just how I feel.

Miley Cyrus and I have a mutual understanding. She doesn't know I exist, and I pretend she doesn't. Needless to say, my opinion only changes when I listen to Party in the USA. How can you not nod your head like yeah? After months and months of deeper study of the English language and higher forms of rhetoric, how could I resist?

Now, having delved into several paragraphs about nothing, I will conclude with a photo, as it is commonly known blogs are more interesting when photos are included.

(I had just told an elephant joke)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Psalming, poetry of praise.

I am in a Bible as Literature class right now, during my stressful stressful semester! This is an English class, not a religion class and I really enjoy delving into the character qualities of our biblical heroes. Anyways, we were reading in Psalms today, and I had to write one of my own. Naturally, I decided to share it here, um, enjoy?

I see Thy hands, Thy works cause me to rejoice.
Thy hands that hath blessed the sick,
Thy hands that hath healed the lame,
Thy hands that hath calmed the child,
Thy hands that had created the heavens and the earth.

I see thy hands, holding mine hands.
Mine hands that could lift the hands that hang down,
Mine hands that could plant the seeds of thy word,
Mine hands that could serve the weak,
Mine hands that could be thy hands.

I see Thy hands, Thy works cause me to rejoice.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ode to the Crayola Crayon

I am in a class that requires creativity above what you would typically expect in a college course. My creativity has come forth via the medium of crayons. I love coloring! Needless to say, the crayons need to be crayola brand, because rose art just never makes the cut. I also love having a brand preference, because it makes me seem like I know what I am talking about. Long story short, I feel that these little crayons deserve a little more love.

The smooth blend of colors create vibrant depictions of novelty characters. In my coloring book of My Little Pony or Sesame Street, the rich tones make Pinkie Pie and Elmo come alive. The sharpened tips stay inside the lines. The color names that are hyphenated with additional adjectives are only appropriate for the crayons in 96 packs and the paint chip aisle at Home Depot. "Into the abyss blue" or "Purple Mountains Majesty" or "Timberwolf". Every crayon has the name of the color in three languages, making sure that the world can understand what precise shade is about to be employed for the perfect sky blue. Crayons are the first artistic tool given to children and they never should be put to rest. Crayons make me smile. Crayons convey my feelings about purplish hues. Crayons make me feel expressive in a way that colored pencils can't. Crayons are made to be broken. Crayons are simple, whether they come in a set of 4 or 44.

Thank you, Crayola.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Savoring Sentences and Pondering Prose

I love being an English major. I may have to tell myself that every single day, but yes, I do enjoy learning more about the crafting of my mother tongue. Literature is the only way I know of to express feeling in a manner that heals both the reader and the writer. Thusly, I would like to say thank you to the million and a half poets I have had to read in the last year of my life. :)
My new Spring term classes are keeping me very occupied, and I have found myself reading many more pages and not maintaining my high standards of clean. Oh sorted laundry, I miss you and I am sorry that the white clothes have been haphazardly thrown in with the dark wash jeans. Oh stainless steel kitchen sink, I am sorry that I have not been paying attention to you with my homemade vinegar cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Oh textbooks, the heart of my diverted attention, I am sorry you are not neatly stacked and not organized according to subject. I must get back to my passion of savoring sentences, but I am sorry that I have been too busy to properly clean.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Clown College and Marigolds

I spent a week at home between the winter and spring semesters of my beloved BYU. Really, I dearly love my university, and I cannot complain about too many things... other than the complete and shocking lack of spring break. Hmph. Nevertheless! I was able to spend a week in Sandy with Mumsy and Popsicle and it was a refreshing break. Here are some of the activities I partook in:

-repaired 24 kazoos. for a family party. I could not be a clown, there is too much pressure to have all of the party favors adequately function.
-played Happy Birthday to my cousin Bambi, with 23 of my family members, on kazoos.
-realized that kazoos are really great instruments.
-mowed the lawn. I do not envy the neighbor boy who will have to do that all summer long.
-went to a live cooking show with my Auntie Rae, and won a flatbed of marigold plants.
-planted 36 marigold plants in my mother's garden, and made her promise to water them and talk to them lovingly when I am not there.
-visited old friends.
-purchased shorts, flip flops and sunglasses for the summer.
-went to costco with mom, when she needed chapstick. She now has 12 tubes, and gave two to me. Yes!! the kind with spf 30!
-watched a Jazz game or two, oh Jerry. I am so glad espn respects you too.
-decided to put in mission papers around Thanksgiving.
-realized that I will have a mission call in about 7 months.
-drove to Provo for a 15 minute visit, to turn in one last paper for winter semester.
-spent 4 days with Mother, who had a successful tongue surgery and recovered very nicely.
-held a baby or two at church.

I had a very nice spring break, and I greatly look forward to my next break, in August.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's the end of the semester as we know it.

I simply cannot believe how quickly this semester has gone by! I babysat my cousins for a week (while still going to school), I taught 4 relief society lessons, I made dinner for a 14 person dinner group, I took 8 credits of Portuguese for another semester, I endured my share of computer problems and I had 9 roommates to boot! (5 girls, 2 fiances, 1 biance, and 1 boyfriend) Biance (pronounced like Beyonce) is a boyfriend that soon will be a fiance. We always had a full house, and we loved it.

Carly and Jesse -- the hilarious and ever giving couple who consistently take me on as the third wheel.

Natalie and Zach -- painfully try to teach me sign language ABC's and put up with me when we all want to cook in the kitchen at the same time.

Michaila and Ben -- they are in love and they love everybody! I am going to miss them when they get married.

Suzanne and Erik -- one day, all the roommates sent texts to Erik to notify him every time we did anything remotely noteworthy. i.e. Hey Erik! I am studying in the Library til five, just to let you know!

Becca... & Taralyn -- the single friends who play with couples, flirt with boys, and talk about dates. Thank heavens for roommates who remain single simply to make me feel better. :)

S210 (Michaila is here in spirit)

Winter 2010 has been too much fun! I can't believe it is over and I look forward to many more fun semesters!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Affair with Robots

Recently, I have realized that I have a problem when it comes to being emotionally attached to robots. I just watched the movie "Batteries not Included" for the first time and I found myself more invested in the welfare of an injured robot than a poor man's livelihood. Why? Why you might ask, do I love machines with seemingly charming personalities? There is some strange draw that I find to loving objects that have no capability to love me in return. The cold metal that reflects the still, cold heart underneath is just so endearing. I cry when a robot gets hurt with a baseball bat, as that is almost always how they die. I laugh when they are sneaky. My heart smiles when they serve. There is nothing more cute than an inquisitive machine. I will now give you several examples.

1 - Wall-E! He lives all by himself and he yet he yearns for love. He is cultured and is willing to save the one he loves from abduction. Thank you Wall-E for teaching hometown values from an Earth so far away.

2 - Weebo from the movie Flubber! She was the perfect computer wife for Robin Williams. Patient, cheeky, and organized, this yellow hunk of metal is so cute. There is just something about a robot exhibits bravery. It warms my heart.

3 - The Family from "Batteries Not Included" - Basically aliens from another planet who eat metal from stolen kitchen appliances, these cute little things fly around and help people who are in a desperate need for help. First there are two robots, and then they have three babies. Naturally, one is runt and must be returned back to health. In a scene very reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians, the smallest robot eventually triumphs and is the best robot of all.

4 - R2-D2! Does he need any explanation? No. He saves the day in every episode of Star Wars and he puts up with the ongoing antics of a bumbling C3PO. What a patient guy. I love his beeps. I wish I could provide a sound bite of a R2-D2 giggle. Awww….

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Observations from the couch in my head.

1) I love four cheese flavored Cheez-Its.
2) I am not ashamed to say that I facebook stalk. Everyone.
3) Oft times I am more interested in the grocery sections placed in the newspapers than the articles themselves.
4) I love introducing people to vegetables that they haven't eaten before.
5) I don't really like spaghetti. Sometimes, but not often.
6) I am very insecure if I don't like the shoes I am wearing.
7) Socks are a necessary evil, I wear them only when absolutely required.
8) Water tastes better coming out of a water bottle, even if I just refilled it.
9) I really really really love the song 'tiny dancer' by Elton John. Thanks Nat.
10) When I have time to myself, I consider it a treat to clean so that nobody else can mess it up.
11) I am almost twenty, and I am having a hard time being so dang old. 20 is old, let's face it.
12) I have, and will always quote Spongebob. If a person understands, I automatically respect them more.
13) I can make a batch of cookies in less than 20 minutes.
14) It is one of my biggest pet peeves to have DVD separate from their cases.
15) Paper plates are amazing things.
16) Puzzles are an excellent diversion. Why do we always feel like they HAVE to be finished? It is like there is this rush... just to put it away. I love 'em.
17) Smelling good is something that greatly concerns me. I worry about it all the time.
18) I have to be on time for scheduled things. I would rather be 20 minutes early than 5 minutes late.
19) I get really sad when my yellow highlighters get a black tip.
20) I simply love to blog about weird things.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My mother, the superhero.

Those who know and love Randi Smith, (and let's face it, to know her is to love her) is a hero. My mom is amazing for oh-so-many reasons, but today I would like to recount a tale of her saving a young girl's birthday. This week, Mom and Dad were grocery shopping as they like to do. While exiting the local Wal Mart, Mom happened upon a young family also exiting with a cart full of food and a baby seat. The little girl attached to her mommy pushing the baby cart around was carrying a balloon with her. Suddenly... the wind blew the balloon out of her grasp, and the little girl simply could not keep up. Rushing to her aid, our hero ran out into the parking lot with wild abandon and caught the balloon! Come to find out, this little girl had turned three years old that day and had been carrying her birthday balloon with her everywhere she went. Hooray for Mom!

We all know what a great lady my mom is, but now it is official, you can wear your cape in public now Mommy :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eating yogurt with MaryKate and Ashley

Last weekend was my last break from school until the end of April. I sure love BYU, but I would sure appreciate a real spring break! So, what did I do to celebrate President's day and Valentine's day all in one? I went to the land of opportunity AKA Idaho Falls to see my sister Taci and her spouse Jake. We had a grand old time and I once again saw the many diversions that Southeastern Idaho has to offer. I went to an army navy surplus store and attended a church that looks suspiciously like a synagogue. Idaho sure charmed me. On the back to Provo, I stopped in on my parents and they fed me fajitas. Overall I considered it an exciting three days.

The birthday season is upon us soon! Over the next month, both of my siblings will celebrate their birthdays:) ( I got Taci a salad spinner... I am a good sister) (Taylor? I still don't know what to get him, probably something cultural)

Today, I had a free frozen yogurt that was specifically tasty and I am now in the same room as an Olsen Twin movie. So far? Wednesday has been a good day. MaryKate can really pull off that late 90's plaid pant look. Wish I could.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Innovative Vocabulary Lessons

Yesterday I was accepted into the English Teaching program at Brigham Young University! I am so excited and I feel like I just took a big step forward on my career path. Now I can dream about teaching eager young seventh graders, and all the fun that it entails. I can't wait to read books, talk about commas and semi colons, and have fun with vocabulary! One day... and one day soon I will be molding young minds and instilling my passion for written words. I could not have finished my application without the help of my devoted family and friends. Thank you, THANK YOU, to those who helped me along the way. I am so blessed to have a great support system around me.
On the home front, I am having a good semester. I can't believe that January has left us already, where did it go?! My roommates are still as darling as can be, and my friends in my ward are great. I am so thankful for my classy former roommates, and I treasure my friendships with Laiken and Johannah. I went to the BYU basketball game on Saturday, where they spanked Utah:) What a good time. This is me and my roommate Natalie waiting in line for the game. I sure love her.

I have droned on long enough I suppose. I love my major. I love my Mom and Dad. I love lots and lots of things. The important thing is, I love the Lord. keep on smiling!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I just changed the appearance of my blog.

Really I just wanted to say that I changed my blog background. Yellow and blue flowers? with scalloped edges?! I just couldn't help myself. I am well pleased with my yellow flowers and the orange text accents. Sometimes, I just outdo myself.
Five good things about my day:
1) I have straight hair. As previously mentioned, I love it when my hair is straight and clean. And I am wearing my favorite necklace.
2) I found some crackers in my backpack. Wheat Thins are delicious.
3) I have a date today. Well I am going to call it a date. So it is a date.
4) My blog is nice. Just admire it while you are here.
5) My roommate Michaila is getting married, and we are going wedding dress shopping today.
6) I am so thankful that I get to be a girl and like things like froofy blogs, and my great outfit and weddings.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th

Time for Taralyn has been a very depressing blog to visit of late, only detailing my sticker consumption and my teeth trauma. Well today that changes!
My new apartment S210 is amazing! My roommates are so much fun and they are always so very sweet to me. We have lots of fun and I simply adore coming home everyday.

My roommate Suzanne and I have an English class together, and I supremely enjoy her company along the winding road of British Literary History part 2. What happened to Brit Lit pt 1? Well that is my gem of a 3 hour evening class that I only have once a week. Unfortunately, that class happens to be today. Don't worry I take crayons to that class.
I was able to go home this weekend, I will always be eternally thankful for three day weekends. I got to see Whitney and Franklynn and Alisha for our annual MLK day celebrations, we played games and ate cosmic brownies. Now that I think on it, Cosmic Brownies should be renamed. Little Debbie could be leaving people with the wrong impression. For the record, my cosmic brownies have small chocolately morsels that are candy coated in different colors. For what is an alarming amount of calories I am sure, they are purty good.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Where did the sticker go?!?!

When I woke up today, I decided to be more healthy. I often decide this in the morning, when most of my hasty decisions are made. Today I decided to not eat any sugar for a while, thinking this wouldn't be too hard. So what does one healthy person eat for breakfast?
I decided to eat an apple. Apples are great. After I finished my nice juicy Fuji apple, I realized that I didn't know where the sticker went! The rest of my apples have stickers on them... hmmm. Did I ate a fruit sticker for breakfast today? Does that count as a sugar? Let's go with fiber.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Something Old, Something New

“The past is behind, learn from it.
The future is ahead, prepare for it.
The present is here, live it.”

- President Thomas S. Monson

Hooray for New Years! Really it just a good excuse to eat junk food for one last time before the healthy challenges of January start. My celebrations included watching movies and ahem... beading... with my Aunt Rae and Mommy Randi. It has been really fun to play with my family so much and I will really miss them when I go back to school. I have had many amazing dinners that I didn't have to cook!!! I dearly love cooking, but after a while its great to experience cuisine that I didn't have to originate.

(This is Aunt Rae, Mother and Me from last summer)(ya know, put names to faces)

2009 was quite a year! I spent it all in Provo, but football season was A-OK so I don't have any complaints:) I changed my major, turned 19, drove!!!, went to Disneyland and had 7 teeth removed. Friends got married, went on missions and moved away for school just like me. My amazing brother got accepted and is now in a masters program at the University of Utah. My sister got a teaching job in Idaho:) and my parents are just funny and traveling and sweet. Well Dad had knee surgery and is working really hard (we are so proud) and Mom is still working at Costco and sees everyone in Sandy.

2010 will be an even better year! I will turn 20 in three short months and I am officially a Junior at BYU credit wise. Haha, I still have forever before I can even THINK about graduation. I am moving to a new apartment with great new roommates, I am sure there will be many more blogs to come about my new girls! I have some resolutions, and if I type them I suppose that equals real commitment so here we go:

1) Buy a planner and USE it. I never write things down and with my aging female brain, well things have been getting harried. I do too many things to remember!

2) Compile all of my recipes in one place. I want a cute recipe box. Yup guess that means I need to go shopping sometime. That sounds hard.

3) Keep in better contact with loved ones. Facebook. Yes.

4) Read all of my assigned material in my English Classes. With a smile. And not in the dark (mr. contacts will say thank you).

5) Be healthy. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically.

6) Write blogs that aren't this long, and certainly of a higher quality.

7) Take more pictures!

8) Memorize all of the lyrics to a Michael Bolton song.