Thursday, October 8, 2009

Crawling my way throught the valley of death.

Last week I blogged about having a really great cold. I should have never aired my suspicions about swine flu because now I also get to enjoy the benefits of pepto bismol on top of all of that cold medication! Six days of blowing my nose like a fog horn and now I am also a barf encrusted jumbo jerk (if you can name that Movie, I'll owe you). Cough! Cough! Moan....

On to a happier subject, I got to see all sorts of family last weekend! It is always really great to see Brooke and Taylor, even though they don't even live an hour away from me:) Of course there is the big hooplah of seeing Taci and Jake, who I don't get to see very often at all (those darn Idahoans). They are all so great and I love getting loves, hugs, and great college advice from all four of them!

Funny experience of the week:
Between sessions of General Conference on Saturday, I went to Taco Bell with Taci and Jake. While ordering your typical taco, Jake asked the cashier for advice on a newly featured burrito. Looking at Jake, the goatee wearing, 20 something already going to seed says, "Oh, I wouldn't know, I don't eat fast food." Frankly, it was really hard not to laugh after we decided not to be offended. Word to the wise- even if you are working at a dead end Taco Bell job in Sandy, you shouldn't mock your customer's food choice.

Wish me luck on this very germy and bumpy road to recovery!

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