Monday, November 2, 2009

Leaves are falling on my head.

Halloween costumes. Squash soup. Leaves falling on my head. Autumn is here! I love this time of year, and until Easter, there is now always a holiday to look forward to:) Halloween was an excellent kick off, I saw the coolest guy on BYU campus in a FULL OUT YOSHI COSTUME. So cool.

On Friday night, we had a 45 minute ward party (the best kind) and my roommates and I dressed up for the chili cookoff extravaganza. Heidi was The Nanny, Johannah was the prettiest Southern Belle you've ever seen, and I was just tasty lookin. (Laiken had to work, so she took the picture, but I assure you, she was lovely too!)

Tonight I made squash soup! I have been on a quest for a year now to find the perfect recipe. Luckily, I have a great friend named Suzanne who shared her knowledge with me! I had to buy a pumpkin from a floral shop because the BYU creamery didn't have any squash! Crazy? yes. But it was yummy and my roommates even pretended to like it:)

If you would like to have a friend named Suzanne, or would like the soup recipe, comment below!

Now, I am looking forward to more and more midterms and some awesome cooler weather. Hooray for Thanksgiving break, so close I can almost taste it...


  1. Oh Darling Taralyn, you have NO idea how much joy you making my soup makes me! Ah, also you definitely improved the recipe... SO GOOD!

  2. What the devil? How come you didn't come trick-or-treating at my place?