Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Psalming, poetry of praise.

I am in a Bible as Literature class right now, during my stressful stressful semester! This is an English class, not a religion class and I really enjoy delving into the character qualities of our biblical heroes. Anyways, we were reading in Psalms today, and I had to write one of my own. Naturally, I decided to share it here, um, enjoy?

I see Thy hands, Thy works cause me to rejoice.
Thy hands that hath blessed the sick,
Thy hands that hath healed the lame,
Thy hands that hath calmed the child,
Thy hands that had created the heavens and the earth.

I see thy hands, holding mine hands.
Mine hands that could lift the hands that hang down,
Mine hands that could plant the seeds of thy word,
Mine hands that could serve the weak,
Mine hands that could be thy hands.

I see Thy hands, Thy works cause me to rejoice.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ode to the Crayola Crayon

I am in a class that requires creativity above what you would typically expect in a college course. My creativity has come forth via the medium of crayons. I love coloring! Needless to say, the crayons need to be crayola brand, because rose art just never makes the cut. I also love having a brand preference, because it makes me seem like I know what I am talking about. Long story short, I feel that these little crayons deserve a little more love.

The smooth blend of colors create vibrant depictions of novelty characters. In my coloring book of My Little Pony or Sesame Street, the rich tones make Pinkie Pie and Elmo come alive. The sharpened tips stay inside the lines. The color names that are hyphenated with additional adjectives are only appropriate for the crayons in 96 packs and the paint chip aisle at Home Depot. "Into the abyss blue" or "Purple Mountains Majesty" or "Timberwolf". Every crayon has the name of the color in three languages, making sure that the world can understand what precise shade is about to be employed for the perfect sky blue. Crayons are the first artistic tool given to children and they never should be put to rest. Crayons make me smile. Crayons convey my feelings about purplish hues. Crayons make me feel expressive in a way that colored pencils can't. Crayons are made to be broken. Crayons are simple, whether they come in a set of 4 or 44.

Thank you, Crayola.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Savoring Sentences and Pondering Prose

I love being an English major. I may have to tell myself that every single day, but yes, I do enjoy learning more about the crafting of my mother tongue. Literature is the only way I know of to express feeling in a manner that heals both the reader and the writer. Thusly, I would like to say thank you to the million and a half poets I have had to read in the last year of my life. :)
My new Spring term classes are keeping me very occupied, and I have found myself reading many more pages and not maintaining my high standards of clean. Oh sorted laundry, I miss you and I am sorry that the white clothes have been haphazardly thrown in with the dark wash jeans. Oh stainless steel kitchen sink, I am sorry that I have not been paying attention to you with my homemade vinegar cleaning solution and a soft cloth. Oh textbooks, the heart of my diverted attention, I am sorry you are not neatly stacked and not organized according to subject. I must get back to my passion of savoring sentences, but I am sorry that I have been too busy to properly clean.