Saturday, September 12, 2009

Whitney, Alisha and Franklynn

Forgive me for the sentimental nature of this blog, but I have decided to write about some of my dearest and closest friends. At the end of the day, good things and bad things have happened but a really great support system has come through!

These three people are all remarkable and they touched my life in different and profound ways. I met them all in middle school, so so very long ago...

Alisha Larson!

Alisha and I met in seventh grade when we had to walk from one class to another (aww.. so cute!) Silly enough, three years later we became very good friends. She was our 'designated driver' in high school and I can't even count how many times she drove me around to choir concerts, home from school and to a million dollar movies. She has the funniest laugh that comes in spurts and does this excellent fake punch. One of my favorite memories about Alisha is when she drove to Nephi on the way home from Provo. Thank you Alisha for your sense of humor, your loving nature and your beautiful self!

Franklynn Stott <3

Franklynn just makes me smile. This picture is from the night we went to Homecoming together and this is by far my favorite dance picture! He likes to say that when we met, we hated each other, he likes to say that about all four of us. I can't even say that is true, but I do remember the first class we had together and I thought he was a pill:) I made him sign a behavioral contract to switch seats because I thought that he talked way too much. Now I talk too much! When you text his name it comes out Franklymo and so now that is the name we affectionately refer to. I have far too many funny moments about him, but I'll never forget when he told someone that "We aren't active people". The best ever. Guess you had to be there. Franklynn, you always make me feel better on a sad day and you are a fantastic listener.

Whitney Fehr :)

Whitney and I live right across the street from each other and didn't realize it for more than 5 years! such a waste, I still say it. Whitney's house is where we would basically lived for the entire space of high school. Her family is hilarious and amazing, second only to her. Whitney was basically our glue and to this day I don't know what high school would have been without her. Many of our best times were just sitting around her table after school, Franklynn eating crackers and me drinking water. Basically three years of my life involved drinking water at the Fehr's and playing Frisbee at the local elementary school. My favorite Whitney memory was when we had a cake and pudding fight at a park and she was so covered in chocolate that I began to doubt her nationality. Thank you for the hours and hours of laughs and all that water!

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  1. Tara this is very sweet and it made me smile :)I love that you have a blog!