Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogging! gah!

At this point in my young blogging life, I have one follower. Despite my efforts to put forth a quality product for my viewer, I have found the entire blogging process to be difficult and hard to understand. Just like when you open your untouched play doh only to find it hard rather than gooey. Blogging is hard and I don't know how people do it. I will now be far more appreciative to those who blog regularly and have nice backgrounds with matchy matchy fonts. Nevertheless, I will press on, wish me luck.

The 2nd Annual Fake Parade

Every year I compile myself a Summer checklist.

Finally make it to Lagoon? Check.

Realize my life long goal of being more tan than a penguin? Not yet.

Practice my Portuguese? Long story short, no.

Bake the perfect homemade Lion House Rolls? No, and that really is too bad.

Host a Fake Parade? Check-A-Roo!

Clearly my priorities are in the correct order because fake parades are the best part of the summer sunshine.

You may be asking yourself just exactly what a fake parade is, besides an obvious good time.

Fake parades are an excellent opportunity to enjoy

the summer sunshine, wave at cars as they drive by

and tell people you are saving seats for a parade

that in all actuality does not exist. You wave to the

cars speeding by and eat Otter Pops. That is what

fake parades are.

This year, the turnout was awesome! Overall about

15 people came and lent a helping hand to our

waving efforts! Some time next July, look for a

bunch of awkward people waving on the side of 90th south, be sure to honk!