Saturday, October 3, 2009

I have a cold, but I like school

It is now general conference weekend! Hurrah for Isreal!

I have now survived about five weeks of my insane fall semester of 18 credit hours and I feel busier than a man turning out balloon animals at IHOP. My Portuguese is coming along fine and I really really love my English classes.
My ward is pretty good and I have learned a lot about men and their failure to communicate when it comes to planning.

So far the saddest experience of the past six weeks was when Freshman approached my on BYU campus and greeted me like I greet mentally handicapped people. Sure, my hair was frizzy and my brow was furrowed from studying Portuguese, but still the effect was horrifying and now I can laugh about it. That means you can too. How would you react if someone stopped a conversation with friends and walked up to you and said "Hey Buddy! How's it going?"

I have a really bad head cold right now and I sound like a congested Spongebob character. I have to blow my nose so often that nobody in my family wants to sit within 6 feet of me. That is probably for the best, because I'm going to assume I'm going to come down with Swine Flu next week. Don't let me sneeze on you and certainly don't take of my offered baked goods for a while.

My darlingest, favorite sister popsicle Taci has just magically deleted a blog she had already posted. How did she do that? but she just gave me her password to go fix it. From now on, just assume I'll be posting some very helpful household hints on

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