Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love Affair with Robots

Recently, I have realized that I have a problem when it comes to being emotionally attached to robots. I just watched the movie "Batteries not Included" for the first time and I found myself more invested in the welfare of an injured robot than a poor man's livelihood. Why? Why you might ask, do I love machines with seemingly charming personalities? There is some strange draw that I find to loving objects that have no capability to love me in return. The cold metal that reflects the still, cold heart underneath is just so endearing. I cry when a robot gets hurt with a baseball bat, as that is almost always how they die. I laugh when they are sneaky. My heart smiles when they serve. There is nothing more cute than an inquisitive machine. I will now give you several examples.

1 - Wall-E! He lives all by himself and he yet he yearns for love. He is cultured and is willing to save the one he loves from abduction. Thank you Wall-E for teaching hometown values from an Earth so far away.

2 - Weebo from the movie Flubber! She was the perfect computer wife for Robin Williams. Patient, cheeky, and organized, this yellow hunk of metal is so cute. There is just something about a robot exhibits bravery. It warms my heart.

3 - The Family from "Batteries Not Included" - Basically aliens from another planet who eat metal from stolen kitchen appliances, these cute little things fly around and help people who are in a desperate need for help. First there are two robots, and then they have three babies. Naturally, one is runt and must be returned back to health. In a scene very reminiscent of 101 Dalmatians, the smallest robot eventually triumphs and is the best robot of all.

4 - R2-D2! Does he need any explanation? No. He saves the day in every episode of Star Wars and he puts up with the ongoing antics of a bumbling C3PO. What a patient guy. I love his beeps. I wish I could provide a sound bite of a R2-D2 giggle. Awww….


  1. You speak the truth. I for one look forward to the day gentle hearted robots take over the world.

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