Friday, September 10, 2010

Being the grown up.

I have been taking education classes this semester, I love it! I wake up at 6 am and treasure the moments with my diet coke even more now. I also find myself longing for my bed in the middle of the day. I am permanently plum tuckered out.
I walked into Lake Ridge Junior High on Wednesday and I was the grown up in the conservative slacks. I was taller than the girls wearing glitter and more articulate than the book reports I read. I got to use the copy machine and the other teachers didn't question why I was there! I walked into the main office and the secretary gave me her respectful attention. Take note: I am an adult.
This week I have been assigned to observe and aide in a eighth grade English classroom. Grading papers, making copies and learning organizational tips has never been so enlightening, exhausting and enjoyable. What I really love the most are the students. I love the boys who wear high school football jerseys as a status symbol. I love the girls who run up to their friends to share 'literally the best news ever.' I love the zipped up binders bigger than the seventh graders themselves. I love the handwriting -- cursive, names written in hot pink ink with hearts right beside, I even love the illegible last names when kids try to sign stuff.
Students are snarky and sweet all at the same time. They perfectly illustrate the human conundrum of growing up and trying to have fun at the same time. They are sponges, unwittingly soaking up everything you say about life and grammar. These students are obstinate and eager. I can't help but adore them, there is no going back now.

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