Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Trevor one of my cousins and also one of my best friends. Called to the Auckland New Zealand mission, he entered the MTC just this week and I am going to miss him like crazy! This summer we have been to over 15 movies and played many card games with our grandparents. I am currently working on mission papers of my own, and hopefully I will come home from a mission of my own shortly after Trevor returns. I am so proud of him and I know he will be a fabulous missionary.
Miss you Trev!

Idaho Falls Temple August 2010

Disneyland May 2010

Wicked April 2009

Homecoming Dance September 2007

1992 - We were raised right, BYU fans forever:)

one more- I just can't help it!

Good luck Elder Beckstead!


  1. This makes me cry. Trevor, I pine for you!

  2. Wow! Is that possible? I remember when he was born. I saw your mom a few weeks ago--congrats to you on your mission papers--how exciting! Be sure to keep me posted. And I love, Love those last two pictures--how cute! :)