Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th

Time for Taralyn has been a very depressing blog to visit of late, only detailing my sticker consumption and my teeth trauma. Well today that changes!
My new apartment S210 is amazing! My roommates are so much fun and they are always so very sweet to me. We have lots of fun and I simply adore coming home everyday.

My roommate Suzanne and I have an English class together, and I supremely enjoy her company along the winding road of British Literary History part 2. What happened to Brit Lit pt 1? Well that is my gem of a 3 hour evening class that I only have once a week. Unfortunately, that class happens to be today. Don't worry I take crayons to that class.
I was able to go home this weekend, I will always be eternally thankful for three day weekends. I got to see Whitney and Franklynn and Alisha for our annual MLK day celebrations, we played games and ate cosmic brownies. Now that I think on it, Cosmic Brownies should be renamed. Little Debbie could be leaving people with the wrong impression. For the record, my cosmic brownies have small chocolately morsels that are candy coated in different colors. For what is an alarming amount of calories I am sure, they are purty good.

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