Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Eating yogurt with MaryKate and Ashley

Last weekend was my last break from school until the end of April. I sure love BYU, but I would sure appreciate a real spring break! So, what did I do to celebrate President's day and Valentine's day all in one? I went to the land of opportunity AKA Idaho Falls to see my sister Taci and her spouse Jake. We had a grand old time and I once again saw the many diversions that Southeastern Idaho has to offer. I went to an army navy surplus store and attended a church that looks suspiciously like a synagogue. Idaho sure charmed me. On the back to Provo, I stopped in on my parents and they fed me fajitas. Overall I considered it an exciting three days.

The birthday season is upon us soon! Over the next month, both of my siblings will celebrate their birthdays:) ( I got Taci a salad spinner... I am a good sister) (Taylor? I still don't know what to get him, probably something cultural)

Today, I had a free frozen yogurt that was specifically tasty and I am now in the same room as an Olsen Twin movie. So far? Wednesday has been a good day. MaryKate can really pull off that late 90's plaid pant look. Wish I could.

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