Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Innovative Vocabulary Lessons

Yesterday I was accepted into the English Teaching program at Brigham Young University! I am so excited and I feel like I just took a big step forward on my career path. Now I can dream about teaching eager young seventh graders, and all the fun that it entails. I can't wait to read books, talk about commas and semi colons, and have fun with vocabulary! One day... and one day soon I will be molding young minds and instilling my passion for written words. I could not have finished my application without the help of my devoted family and friends. Thank you, THANK YOU, to those who helped me along the way. I am so blessed to have a great support system around me.
On the home front, I am having a good semester. I can't believe that January has left us already, where did it go?! My roommates are still as darling as can be, and my friends in my ward are great. I am so thankful for my classy former roommates, and I treasure my friendships with Laiken and Johannah. I went to the BYU basketball game on Saturday, where they spanked Utah:) What a good time. This is me and my roommate Natalie waiting in line for the game. I sure love her.

I have droned on long enough I suppose. I love my major. I love my Mom and Dad. I love lots and lots of things. The important thing is, I love the Lord. keep on smiling!


  1. You will be a great teacher. I hope you play the "if you could choose between this and that" game with your students.

  2. Congrats Taralyn! You will be AMAZING!!!!