Thursday, December 16, 2010

invisible ear muffs

I have been sick. That is right, strep throat during finals week. It has been the worst! I have a stuffy nose, my characteristic low seductive cold voice, and tonsils that refuse to get better. I think the worst part about it has been having a clogged ear for a whole week. I feel partially deaf and I couldn't even understand Taci today when she called me to tell me a knock knock joke. It is like I am wearing invisible ear muffs. I only wear one of my headphones these days because it is pointless in my other ear. I am so whiny!
While being sick, and also while procrastinating my finals this is what I have accomplished:
- watching barefoot contessa everyday.
- napping at least once a day.
- monopolizing my sister's netflix watch instantly account.
- cramming educational terms into my head periodically before finals.
- measuring my personal growth from the start of Fall 2010 semester to the end.
- wallowing in the fact that I am leaving my apartment complex after 2 1/2 years.
- whipping up a carrot cake in 40 minutes (from scratch, complete with frosting too)
- using all of my tissues, all of my roommate's tissues, and several rolls of toilet paper.
- passed a cleaning check with an inexplicably strange woman.
- worn 5 pairs of pajamas in a week.
- visited the doctor twice, because I have been so many times lately that I am now forming a dangerous, not even enjoyable habit.
- calling my mother to complain everyday.
- internet stalking my BYU football team, hoping that they win their bowl game.
- partially hosted, attended, and baked for another world famous S210 party.
- won a book of facts at said white elephant party.
- wrote a blog detailing the last week of my life.

On to happier things... finals are almost over! I am moving home:) and a mission call should be coming soon to a theater near you. Stay tuned.

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