Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My mother, the superhero.

Those who know and love Randi Smith, (and let's face it, to know her is to love her) is a hero. My mom is amazing for oh-so-many reasons, but today I would like to recount a tale of her saving a young girl's birthday. This week, Mom and Dad were grocery shopping as they like to do. While exiting the local Wal Mart, Mom happened upon a young family also exiting with a cart full of food and a baby seat. The little girl attached to her mommy pushing the baby cart around was carrying a balloon with her. Suddenly... the wind blew the balloon out of her grasp, and the little girl simply could not keep up. Rushing to her aid, our hero ran out into the parking lot with wild abandon and caught the balloon! Come to find out, this little girl had turned three years old that day and had been carrying her birthday balloon with her everywhere she went. Hooray for Mom!

We all know what a great lady my mom is, but now it is official, you can wear your cape in public now Mommy :)