Friday, July 2, 2010

The unfortunate side to a sunburn.

I have a sunburn. But now I read the post title, I am left to wonder if there is a fortunate side to a sunburn. Nope. there isn't. Pain. People judging you for your risk of later skin cancer. The incredibly awkward situation of only wearing a bathing suit under your shirt because your shoulders are so burnt. I am certain, there is no upside.
It has been three days since I went reading by the poolside, and I still have residual effect from my outdoor recreation. I did not account for the sensitive nature of my baby-white skin when I thought about soaking up the sun for a nice tan. I don't have a nice tan. I have a skin that resembles a lobster shell. I am finally beginning to heal and I am even wearing long pants today! Long pants are my way of saying, "no, I will not rub aloe vera on my knees during class today, I am captain of my epidermis!"
While we are on the subject of aloe vera, have you ever noticed that it is a lovely green color? The green is chemically enhanced I am sure, simply because the vibrant shade of my favorite medicinal plant contrasts with the pulsating red of my shoulders. It is Christmas on my skin. The contrast between the cool green and the violent red provides an extra cooling sensation that is purely psychological. Who ever thought of making aloe vera extra green, I thank you.
My other sunburn remedy is lavender oil. My Auntie Kristin gave me this olfactory-pleasing herbal solution that is supposed to sooth and heal at the same time, as well as giving my roommates and classmates extra notification of my presence. At least my vanity has been healed. I may be bright red, but I smell like a great aromatherapy substance from bath and body works. Thank heavens for that.
The moral of the story is don't read your exorbitantly large homework assignment by the pool... in a swimming suit... for two hours. Not only will you get a lovely sunburn with funny lines but your text book might get wet. (Mine did not, thankfully) My summer has begun with a monumental sunburn. And now my nose is starting to peel. GREAT.
All is not lost, I have learned for next time. Where can I buy some SPF 90?

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