Monday, August 1, 2011

we've gotta hold on to what we've got

Dear Family,

Oh we're half way there! oh-oh livin' on a prayer. Who knew Bon Jovi could explain my life as a missionary so well. Yesterday was my 4 1/2 week mark in the mtc, I am half way done! It literally feels like I have been here a year. Yet, the time has moved lightening fast. I don't know how to explain it. I sure hope the mission field gets better, I know it will be better and worse, but can your situation really deteriorate or improve, or just your attitude? I will just keep living on prayer. Visa? Nope, but i am not worried. I will be pretty excited to go grocery shopping where ever I happen to get off a plane and serve people. I really really miss cooking for myself. Silly? yes but I miss having a kitchen and a fridge to put yogurt that I like into.

The highlight of my week was that I got to go to the temple today! P-day! The temple has been closed for cleaning and then pioneer day, so I haven't been since before I came into the MTC with Taylor. I was so thankful for the peace and quiet. I haven't yet been so happy for that time to myself. Before when people would talk about the peace in the temple, I was like... yeah okay, this is a nice feeling. But now, I realize what it means to get away from all of the hard things and just pour out your heart. I admit I was pondering how jealous I am that I don't have a temple in my mission but I am thankful to find this out now, with so much time left in life to have the temple be vital to my happiness. I am learning all kinds of things that will be important to me forever, at any rate, the things I am learning right now as a missionary will be things I implement in my eternal family one day. I can see how much better of a mother I will one day be because of this refiners fire right now.

You would think that the MTC would be a great place for peace and quiet but, elders will be elders and do things like sing Bon Jovi songs. I love being around them, they are my source of entertainment when portuguese verb tenses start to get fuzzy. They break the tension when the going gets rough. it is an honor to be here with young men who are learning how to use thier priesthood. I wish I could send a video to their moms, they would be so proud. I love learning and growing alongside my companions and my district, I can see how great these young men and women will be in the field. Brazil is so blessed! I really think that the cream of the crop in this MTC right now are here waiting for Brazilian visas.

We had a birthday this week in our district, Sister Ricks turned 22. Her mother mailed us out of this world cupcakes and party hats and what not. Guess how much of our district study was devoted to doctrine of the Kingdom? It was fun, and worth it because a birthday away from home can be hard. And anything to make a happy memory is worth the effort indeed. Mom and Taci sent her gifts, thank you for making me look good:) Thank you for making a missionary's birthday a little more sweet. My family is wonderful.

On Saturday, Sister Doyle was sick in bed with aches all over. The poor dear. I had given her some nyquil the night before, and she slept in for a few hours.. Her companions got to watch her drug induced sleep while trying to be effective in a cinderblock prision. Sunday, going outside again was a gift! i am happy to report that Sister Doyle is chipper and happy again today, all is well.

The MTC days are long, but I am still not able to envision leaving. I've still got a while. Never fear, I always take comfort in knowing that I am here doing good things. For now, I am blooming where I have been planted for a season.

I hope things at home smell like roses. I wish I was there to see Dad's first green august lawn. i still want a picture of how my petunias are doing.

Lots of love!

Sister Smith

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