Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Family,

on the last p day I had, everything was crazy and nothing seemed to go right. So i apologize if my email seemed a little blue. I am a complainer in my email at times, because I try not to complain to my companions too much. The complaint just isn't worth the contention. Learning patience is harder than learning portuguese. Speaking of speaking Portuguese, I spoke in church yesterday. I was called out to speak during the announcements. ONe of the MTC presidency was there and he wondered what I had done to sound so fluent. I have no idea who he was listening to, but I am amazed at the progress that can only come through learning with the spirit. My companions always tell people that I took 16 credits when someone says that I speak well, but I know that is not where the credit should go. I am so very blessed! don't worry, I am not fluent, and yes I make a million mistakes everday, it is still hard:) but I am blessed.

We have a new roommate/companion. She is going to Brasilia with sister ricks, but she is in another zone at the mtc. She is a solo sister, so she lives with us. When she was unpacking, she pulled out a tackle box with organized "hair pretties". Oh my. And she loves purple. And she is from Alaska. It is comical to see how different she is from Sister doyle and sister ricks, but this new Sister Rust does a great job. she is very sweet and things are going well.

Grandma- Thank you for the package and I loved the letter from Grandpa last week! I could read everyword:)

I have to tell you about a very sweet experience I had this last week. Well a few weeks ago was when this started. I had a spiritual thought for my district and I read Enos 1:27, AND I told a story about a boy I met at EFY who had lukemia. I will never forget Seth's testimony about eternal life. He had such an impact on me and I will never forget when he looked at all of us 15 year olds in a room at byu and told us " I know exactly where I am going" it was beautiful. So I told my district about this experience and how we can hope to have eternal life too. Well this last week some missionary came up to me when I was walking back to my residence and said he recognized me from EFY. He has been a missionary at the MTC for two years in the referral center. He came to talk to me on his last night of his mission, because he felt impressed to say hello. It isn't everyday that you get to meet someone who changed your life twice. I have a testimony of how the Lord prompts us to talk to other people. He saved me that day, and it gives me hope that one day I can do the same for someone else to a lesser degree. Elder Stevens is now home with his family in colorado. what a sweet reunion that must have been!

Last week, an elder taught me in a workshop. He was from central America and was learning English. His language wasn't perfect, but the sentiment was touching. I loved him for trying and I know that the Spirit knows all languages. I hope people in Brazil will be the same way. MY languages is far from perfect, but I know that love can translate. I have come to realization while in the MTC, my practice here is less about teaching doctrine and more about learning to communicate soul to soul. Tell missionaries you meet the same thing. Teach people, not lessons. I have also learned about being patient with myself, I have learned that excellence can only enter when self acceptance abides within.

So, one last thing, no visa yet. A week from this wednesday, I will get my reassignment. Crazy, I get another mission call! Some elders just got reassigned to the Pocatello Mission. So Taci and Jake if you meet any missionaries, ask them if they are visa waiters.

The MTC is still here, and so am I!
I love you all!
Sister Smith

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