Monday, July 18, 2011

week 3

Hi Howdy Hello!
Life at the MTC must carry on, business as usual. I have been here almost three weeks, wild!
My companion and I remain blissfully unaware of when the final installment of our visa will come through, and thusly I don't even think about repacking. We will most likely be here the whole 9 weeks, considering others who are here still.
In the past week, I have continued to make mistakes in Portuguese and laughed all the way through. I didn't tell a man that his dead wife had it coming to her like another elder did, so I must be improving.
The weather has been warm, but I have actually never known the temperature. So really, how tough have I been while running around outside in the afternoon? Is Teresina going to be small potatoes compared to a July in Utah? Where is Brooke to give me weather updates? I keep thinking how glad I am that I'm not here during the winter, we study outside all of the time, the headcount in the MTC is currently 2600!
I still haven't met another soul preparing to go to Teresina, at this rate, I will be the only blonde on at my zone conferences. I got the inevitable this week: a cold. This is the kind of place were a sneeze is like a dandilion gone to seed. Poof! Sister Ricks and I had our elders give us blessings, for some it was the first healing of the sick they have ever done. It was a great experience and very touching. Thank heavens for the Priesthood, I can tell what a difference it makes.
I got a package from Grandma B, thank you!!! My district loved the cookies, everyone was so excited for PUMPKIN:) Every Sunday after the fireside, our branch watches a movie from media library and we share our snacks from packages. My grandmother is a popular woman. yesterday we watched the 2010 christmas devotional. The holidays are going to kick my trash! But I have to say, hearing the voice of the Prophet makes me feel at home no matter where I am. I love President Monson. I read that my accepting my mission call is a way of sustaining him, that made me feel good, I love sustaining such a great man.
I missed a family party! Sister Ricks has a birthday next week, but how do you surprise a companion who is always with you? I love her and am thankful for her everday. her knowledge of the scriptures is great.
I love telling people about my family, from the large cookoffs to the aluminum christmas tree to costco stories, it is so much fun to explain where I get my "fun" personality.
We, meaning me (I am with someone all the time so often I am a we) just love the opportunites to learn and grow. Practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation in Portuguese in humbling, but thankfully the Spirit knows no language barrier. I jsut have to put all the love I can muster in my smile and tell people how much they are loved and adored by their Maker. What a job!

I love you family!
Have a great week,
Sister Smith

ps. - what did missionaries do for exercise time in the field? I need some ideas, and I am thinking about asking mother for a jump rope for that cardio excersise I am encouraged to do. Ask around for advice, Thanks!

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