Monday, July 4, 2011

My first P Day

Dear Family,
I don't have taci or taylor's mailing addresses, just so you know.....
but I sent you both letters care of cleo and mother so look forward to that. The MTC is marvelous. Hard the first day, i am sure my first letter scared you a little bit. but I am doing just fine. My portuguese is coming along great, what a blessing that has been. I bore my testimony in portuguese in my branch yesterday. Many of the elders who have been here four weeks say that my pronunciation is better than theirs. I hope I can stay on top of it.
Thanks for the dear elders, my pday is monday so that is when you should email me... well do it sunday. My first day i got 5 dear elders from all of you and 2 packages. Nann sent me a PRIMO package. I shouldn't be surprised. She is a loving lady. but it was super nice with tons of treats and patriotic what not. I loved it. We did watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire. There was a program beforehand, and 2500 missionaries sand yankee doodle. Kind of surreal. but it was fun. They had a program where everyone cheered for thier mission, I totally cried because I am part of God's task force right now. Incredible.
I love it here. The spirit tells me everyday that I need to be here.
The visa sitch is still up in the air. They say that the online visa is the key, and even if you have that you won't elave provo for 4-6 more weeks. so I am here for a while. nope, haven
t done it yet.
Okay, I must sign off, Love you all! DEAR ELDER. thats all i am saying.

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