Thursday, October 6, 2011

Conference feast

Dear Family,

I just loved General Conference! It was so wonderful. I so appreciated the talks about missionary work and about covenants. I have been studying in Alma lately and reading about the sons of Mosiah, Zeezrom and many others who were deeply converted to the gospel. In every instance, those who were truly converted, or wanted to stay converted, made covenants with the Lord. That is how we show our love for Heavenly Father. We make covenants. They are so powerful. I loved the talk by Sister Dalton to fathers. I cried through the whole thing because I felt like she was describing my dad in her talk. So thanks dad, I am so glad that I grew up with a father who loves my mother with everything he has and a father who has always honored his covenants.
I had no idea that Elder Hales was so sick, but I thought his talk was particularly sweet talking about waiting on the Lord. I learned a lot from that talk and I can't wait to reread that one.
One last thing - A SECOND PROVO TEMPLE! And a Wyoming temple. No that isn't in my mission, but it is right close to the Zollinger's. I am very excited for those two open houses. That will be wonderful! Aren't temples a miracle? I am so excited for that Provo temple, I have had stake conferences in that tabernacle, and it will hold a lot of meaning for many Provoites. How incredible. I bet everyone at home is all abuzz about it.

On to some business - This has been the warmest September in Montana on record, I am pretty sure. I hope that they know that if I stay here for October it will be more of the same. I am pretty convinced that the Lord is reminding me that He is mindful of where I am with what I packed. President Monson mentioned that a ton didn't he? The Lord is always mindful of us.
Transfers are this next week, I will find out on Friday where I go or stay. I just have no idea, but I will tell you this, I am pretty excited to not be a greenie. Everyone is all predicting about transfers, and I just want to tell them that not having your visa, that feeling is always near. I never know where I will be next week. I am a planner type so this is a good experience for me to wait on the Lord, like Elder Hales beautifully reminded us.

The ward in Townsend is great! I love it here. There was a little girl named Sophie who was baptized this week. I told her that I was going to send a picture to my family of my first baptism. Even though she is eight, it was still just as awesome to see someone make a covenant and beam with cleanliness. Sophie was just beautiful.

This last week, we knocked on a door and an elderly gentleman answered saying that his wife was in the shower and to wait outside for a few minutes and he would let us in. We waited, and waited. I noticed a bird flying above us in circles. It was a vulture. Before we realized that the Old Man wasn't going to come back, there were 8 vultures circling overhead. Is that a sign? We haven't been back yet.

We haven't gotten any new investigators this week, but I am optimistic. We do a lot of good, and we invite many to come unto Christ, I am full of hope that our efforts aren't in vain. We tract, but we haven't had anyone say yes since I've been here. We just need to make the word available, it isn't our job to make anyone accept it.

Well, I know my news is sparse, but things are going well. I love you all, and I missed you during general conference. I hope that it was a great time anyways, I was thinking about you!
Sister Smith

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