Monday, September 19, 2011

sixty degrees and partly cloudy

Dear Family,
Hello from Townsend:) I am doing just great, or rather, better than most other BYU fans are doing today. OUCH. I am kind of thankful that I didn't have to be there to watch that one. I hope that you can heal for next week. I have been teaching a lot about general conference, the cool thing being that everyone here has a satellite dish and BYU TV! Everyone can watch from the comfort of their lazy boy that they don't leave when we come to see them. So anyways, I have been sharing Jacob 2:8, talking about those who listen to the prophet to heal the wounded soul. I know that this is so true in my life, as general conference, and the words of President Monson ANYTIME heal my wounded soul. I have a lot of weaknesses as a missionary, and sometimes it is hard to not to be too homesick, but I know that as I try I will be sustained. I am very excited to hear from the bretheren this upcoming session! We get to watch with a member family, and we even get to drive up to Helena for the relief society session this Saturday. I am glad that I am still in the US to watch at a regular time, with regular hours and regular English. I am just too blessed. Everyday, I keep thinking "are You SURE that I deserve this?!" (I really don't)

This week we taught the couple again who don't like eternal families. I told them that I am from a family of three and she questioned whether or not my parents were devout latter day saints. three isn't enough for most of us apparently. I told her that we don't have children to boost membership numbers, but to raise good people. I don't think she believed me.

We met with a woman who we tracted into a few weeks ago. She is already a member, but doesn't want visits or anything because her husband is antagonistic. It was heart wrenching. As missionaries we get to help many people, but when you can't even help for risk of troubling a marriage, it is just awful. Religion never killed anybody. (aside from persecution and a myriad of other things, but who is counting?) Religion in Townsend Montana will not hurt you. That I am pretty sure of.

So I can't remember if I recounted a story about peaches yet, but some members of the ward drove 8 hours down to Brigham City, UT to buy peaches for people. They got over three thousand dollars worth of fruit. I had no idea that Utah peaches were so heavenly! Maybe there is a difference between Orem peaches that Trevor ran over and Brigham City peaches? I don't know, but I did have one yesterday from the triumphant return and it was good. I hugged Sister Mitchell because she had essence of home all over her! I do miss Utah.

Mother, I got my flannel pillowcase, it was my favorite thing you sent. Thank you! Everyone in this town sews and likes to craft, you and Auntie Rae really need to bring up your watches you would make a killing. your flannel would be the envy of every quilter in town. I also loved the letters from the primary, they are so sweet. I am having a good time, someone asked me that in their letter. Yes, missionary work is a hoot! one more highlight: my costco card. We are going into Helena today so I get to go! I have missed it so. Thank you mother for the costco card.

I am sorry that this letter is so very sporadic, I do not have very many anecdotes to share, but do know that the work is going along just fine. We taught 25 lessons last week, I have no idea if this is average or whatnot, but the mission standard of excellence is 20 lessons per week, so I feel optimistic. We taught mostly less active members of the ward, but they are so sweet and accepting of us, I just can't help but wonder why they won't let the ward in like that. I have learned a lot about how much I slacked off before my mission on this front. I hope to be much better at loving, fellowshipping, and reminding people how much they are needed when I get home. I have a lot to work on!

I must draw to a close, but know that I love you all very very much. I love MY eternal family and it is a privilege to share my testimony with others to help draw their families closer together. I know that a family centered on Christ is a family that will find lasting joy, I am so thankful to have that at home. So thank you for your examples and inspiration to me!
Lots of Love,
Sister Smith

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